Tuesday, August 14

Mom super-powers

If you're a Mom or you've been around one in your adult life...you're acutely aware that Mom's have super powers. Between making dinner while holding a baby all while also entertaining another child or vacuuming while brushing your teeth - Moms can do some amazing things. I just thought that I should declare that I have a knack for making up songs/raps. If my child knew some rappers' names I have no doubt that he'd put me right up there with Eminem and Jay-Z. Today I made up a rap about the items I needed him to take to his room and he proclaimed, "I love your silly songs!" - I melted, in a puddle, right there in the living room. I love that boy!

I've been struggling with my big boy lately. He is big. I broke out in an all out cry last night while tucking him. He starts kindergarten in a week and a half. That boggles my mind! Where on earth has time gone?

You should all know that change is not my strongest suit. Before I had Miles I questioned how we would adapt (no worries it went off without a hitch) ;) and even moving from Oklahoma was scary just because we did well there. This is different though. I can't be there for him all the time, it is incredibly scary to send your child off for the first time. Granted, he's been in some sort of childcare since he was 3 months old, but this is different. His true schooling starts and the only thing I can think of that will be this monumental is graduating! Even junior high and high school won't be quite as life altering.

When you are pregnant or have a newborn, or even still with Miles, complete strangers always want to tell you to enjoy them while they are young, or they grown up fast. Well...its. so. true. I've been struggling lately with the fact that he's big. He's so big that he'd rather play with his friends sometimes and he's so big that he has gotten quite the attitude, he's so big that he can pour his own drink and even reach the cups (if they are perfectly situated). I'm dealing with that "He longer needs me" attitude. Do I know that is a little ridiculous? Yes, but somewhere between 4 and 5 he grew into a boy instead of little boy.

So as we venture into school I just pray that he makes great friends, learns tons, and misses me somewhere in there too. Have I mentioned I'll be in the same school?? I know...awesome! He'll think its awesome until about 3rd grade so while I get the luxury of popping in on him if I choose, I'm going to get everything out of it that I can because...those people who tell you that "they grow up fast" or "enjoy them while they're young"...they are so right.

 This pictures makes me literally laugh out loud :)

Wednesday, August 1

Kendall Elizabeth makes her arrival!!

We finally have a girl on the Tooker/McCoy side of the family!! We love our boys but we are all super excited to welcome a girl! On July 9th weighing in at 7lbs. 3oz. she seemed so tiny! I had to wait until my Mom could come over to man the Miles man (he is not old enough to take to a hospital) but I got there shortly after they allowed visitors in!

 Big brother Will was so excited!
They were in the most perfect room! Right outside was this great open space for Will and Dylan to be able to roam free!
 First time seeing Daddy :)))
 Seeing sister for the first time, he was so excited!! The sweetest thing!!!!

 Is that not the biggest smile you've ever seen!!!
We stood and watched sweet Kendall get her first bath! I've never watched them do this (normally I'm the one that just had the baby, or I get there too late)...crazy! She screamed while they do it and the nurses are just cool as a cucumber!

 Another sweet one of Kevin and Will
 Her stats...
 It is really a GIRL!

Everyone is so exited about spoiling this baby GIRL! Something tells me she will always be dressed to kill!!

4th of July!

Last year I was still physically getting over having Miles and he was about a week old so we did not make it to the Lake Highlands 4th of July parade so this year we were excited to be able to make it! We met Kevin, Will, and Kevin's sister Kasey about a mile down the road by the high school. Even though it was early it was already hot! I always love doing things in Lake Highlands like this, it always makes me feel like we live in a small community in the middle of this huge city!
 This is the same onsie that Dylan wore on his first 4th of July :)

 Will and Kayse waiting for the parade to start!
 These two were not up for posing for pictures so I just took them anyway...

 Well maybe it was just Dylan, because Will sure was being cute!

 Dustin had just cycled like 20+ miles so he was extra hot!

 Their favorite part of the parade is the mad dash for candy!
  By the end Miles was hot and tired!
Later in the day we headed over to hang out and swim at my Mom's

 We were soaking up as much time as possible with these two! They are now in Norway :(


 An after swim dance off! Miles has some serious moves!!

 Will was so cute! He has become quite the little fish this summer! He was jumping off the side and LOVED the slide!

 So fun!
 I can not get over how brave this little guy is!

 We ate some dinner and then headed over to watch the fireworks over at the DAC! Fun times!

Tuesday, July 31

Miles' 1st birthday

So I've done a horrible job of blogging since adding Miles to the family and am trying to get caught up so that in the years to come we can look back. We decided to Miles' party at our house which was a lot of work but also a lot of fun! This was the first party I'd really thrown by myself! 

I cannot put into words the love that we feel for this little boy!

 These pictures are slightly out of order, we ate pork tacos but I didn't want to take pictures of people eating! 

So the pictures start at present opening.

 Grayson is one of the funniest little boys I've ever met!
 Miles wasn't sure what to think of all these people singing and standing around staring at him so the smash cake wasn't very smashing...

 I don't have a picture of it, but Grayson stepped in and helped Miles out with the cake smashing :) He knew exactly what to do!
 Then it was off to play! Since we were celebrating our "little squirt" all the kids got a water squirter to play with and they were a hit!

 Will wasn't much a fan of the chaos of the other kids and Lonna so he hung out with his Uncle Dustin, love this boy and his cheesy smile :)))

 Reagan loves her cousin Miles.
 Our neighbors Elise and James kept Dylan very entertained! They are the best!
 The uncles chipping in to put the water table together!

At one year:
- Weight: 25 lbs (93 percentile)
- Length: 32.25 (99 percentile)
- Head circumference: 18.25 (76 percentile)

Miles David,
      I cannot believe you are one. I makes me emotional to think how fast this year has flown. I love your infectious laugh and the way that you come running to me. You are a champion sleeper and that makes your Mommy very happy. Sometimes you actually wake up early, but you're so happy to lay in your bed and talk that I wait until you get antsy to get you out. You eat EVERYTHING but your faves are fruit, especially strawberries, blueberries, and grapes. You LOVE to play peek-a-boo and are always wanting someone to chase you! You are a ClImBeR!!! Every time I turn around you are trying to climb the coffee table, dinning table, hearth, couch, you name it...you're trying to scale it! You crave your brother's attention and if you make him laugh you will do whatever you did again, and again! You could care less about the television (so opposite of Dylan). You are officially off of formula and only taking a cup are wearing a size 4 diaper! You are wearing size 18-24 months clothes and those are getting a little snug!! You aren't saying much but will ask for a high five "I - I've" and you say Momma and Dadda. If Lonna is barking you'll make a barking sound. However, you BABBLE a lot! I love it in the car!!! You have 4 teeth but are in the process of cutting two more on top. You love dogs (esp. Lonna). You are a mooooover! Always on the go, but are such a sweet boy! When you are in the mood you will give kisses and it melts my heart! I dread the next few months a little because I know it means you're going to start looking less and less like a baby and you're going to start loosing your baby fat. You have the most scrumptious chubby legs and cheeks!

    I do look forward to all the things to come but just wish it would all slow down! I love you to the moon and back and cannot wait to see even more of your rambunctious personality!