Saturday, June 27

We're HERE!

We are officially Texans again!!! Thanks SO much to Kevin and Justin for driving up yesterday putting all our stuff into the largest UHaul they make, and heading back all in one day! And then today they moved our stuff into a storage place! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Now we just have to get unpacked and begin the process of looking for a house...

Thursday, June 25

Short Update

I know I said I was on a blog vacation, but I just finished my first final, and don't have the other one until 11 so I have a little break!

The packing is coming right along and I am SO ready to be finished! My dad and Dustin are meeting today to make the Dylan exchange. So last night was Dylan's last night at the only house he has ever known (tear) but I am ok, and actually haven't shed a tear (I haven't really had time to stop and think about it).

Dustin and I had a BLAST in San Francisco last weekend and are just now recovering from walking...and walking...and walking...and walking...... You get the point! We probably walked 25+ miles in 3 days! We never did much at night because we were always so exhausted from the day! We walked the pier (all 41 of them - several times), saw the sea lions, ate lots of good food, rode a cable car, went to Ghiradelli squre and had some ice cream with dark chocolate, hiked around Muir Woods (AMAZING! 500+ year old Giant Redwoods - google it), went to Alcatraz, BIKED to and across the Golden Gate Bridge, and ate some more food! :) I will blog much more and post a few of the 584 pictures that we took! ha!

Tuesday, June 16


So this morning my prof gave us time to go work on our huge projects that are due next week...blessing! We leave for San Francisco (that is hard to spell for some reason) and so I definitely do not plan on working on this sucker while I'm spending time on a mini-vacay...and next week is moving week! So I have lots and lots of work to do. So anyway, I get in the computer lab and this is where I ended up...I just love blogs! I could blog-stalk all day long! ha! So, on that note, while I do love it...I have to give it a rest for a couple of weeks. I know, I're heart broken (trust me, me too) but it is what I must do. So along with Ginni and Danielle...I'm going on a blog vacation. My husband will be so proud :) So this is officially my last blog from Yukon, Oklahoma!
*notice I added a playlist at the bottom and there is a little "shout-out" to Yukon via Garth Brooks! And a shout out to Texas via George and Rascal Flatts :0) "If it wasn't for Texas..."

Monday, June 15

A day for the history books...

This is the face of SUCCESS!! Today was the first day that I picked Dylan up from daycare...and he was in the same clothes that I took him in! NO ACCIDENTS! Whoo Hooooo! :) And even cooler...he peed in the potty before he went to school and he did the same after he got home...TWICE! For the first time since potty training began, he wore the same clothes and undies ALL DAY LONG! Congrats buddy :)

Sunday, June 14


So we started packing up the house yesterday...and it truly makes the fact that we are FINALLY moving back to Texas, real! Really real! We started by taking all the stuff off the walls...weird! This house has so many memories for us so it is very bitter sweet. This is the house that we lived in before we had Dylan. Where Lonna was our whole world. She was the reason we picked the duplex that we chose. It has a very WeIrD drive-way...but that meant we got a HUGE backyard! This is the house I was pregnant in, decorated Dylan's first room in, and the house that we eventually brought him home to. This is the house he woke up at all hours of the night in when he was a little baby, and eventually learned to sleep soooo very well in! This is the house he learned to sit, crawl, walk, and talk in. This is the house where Dustin and I became great parents in! So, while I am very excited to move back to Texas...I am a little sad to move back. I was definitely emotional yesterday when we started taking this house apart...ESPECIALLY Dylan's room!! That is the ONLY room he has ever known. As I was taking everything down, I couldn't help but think back at the way I felt when I was putting it together, and all the great things and sweet moments that have happened in that room. On top of that, I know that when we buy a house, we will use different bedding and a totally different I was saying goodbye to my baby. Ironically, yesterday Dylan did NOT want to take a nap (rare) and so I went in and rocked him to sleep. Which I haven't done in probably a year because he is such an easy sleeper. I cried the entire time. Just thinking about the fact that most likely that would be the last time I would ever rock him to sleep. ~I am crying all over again~ Every day I am reminded to remember every sweet thing he does because time passes ever so fast! So for all of you who are about to have babies or have small babies, take it from me, remember every sweet last! (AND all of your need to go get this book)

It has been a crazy 3 years in this house, but I am also really excited to see what God has in store for us as we move on to another place!!

Thursday, June 11

Playing in the Rain

Yesterday we got home from school and it was raining...and usually we try to play outside right when we get home. It is kind of refreshing after being inside all day at school or work. Align CenterAnyway...Dylan insisted that we play outside anyway...

Disclaimer: please excuse his outfit that does not match...he had several accidents at daycare yesterday...oops :)

Wednesday, June 10

Potty Training Update

SO we had a REALLY good day yesterday!

Monday night I KNEW he had to go but he has a bad habit of sitting...sitting...sitting and then he getting off and peeing...UGH! So we had a stand off and we sat there for an hour and he wanted a sticker for his chart SO bad. I even told him he could get off but he wanted that sticker so bad that he wouldn't...and I think that he knew he had to go! So FINALLY I left the bathroom for a second and I heard apparently he needs privacy!!

So yesterday, I was in class and Dustin text messaged me and he had pooped and peed in the potty!!! WHOO HOO!! BREAK THROUGH!!!

And he only had ONE accident at daycare! Hallelujah! I mean we have a long way to go, but I feel like we are getting somewhere! And this morning his diaper was bone dry and he went straight to the potty and peed a lake!

Anyway, I'm sure everyone is as thrilled as I am but I just like to celebrate when I can! haha

Sunday, June 7


We are off to see the king and queen of country music!! SO EXCITED!!

Here is the stadium as we drove up!

Tailgating before the concert began...well really we just ate Subway and waited for the doors to open

The man...the myth...the legend!

The four of us getting ready to go in!!!

This guy was two rows in front of us...and we thought, "what in the world is this guy at a country concert for?" This guy knew EVERY WORD TO EVERY SONG THAT EVERY ARTIST SANG!! It was funny! I guess that is what happens when you judge a book by it's cover!

60 yard screen...AMAZING!!

LeAnn Womack

Blake Shelton...he is one good looking man!!


$14 Margaritas!

YES, that is Jason Witten!!

I remember it all very good lookin back, it was the summer I turned 18, we lived in a one room, rundown shack on the outskirts of New Orleans. We didn't have money for food or rent, to say the least we were hard pressed, Then mama spent every last penny we had to buy me a dancin' dress...Mama washed and combed and curled my hair, And she painted my eyes and lips then I stepped into a satin dancin dress that had a split on the side clean up to my hip It was red velvet trim and it fit me good standin back from the lookin glass there stood a woman where a half gown kid had stood...

She said heres your one chance fancy dont let me down
Heres your one chance fancy dont let me down!!!!

I know I'm a nerd...but I was SO excited...My FAV Reba song!!

!!!!!!!!!!!GEORGE 'FREAKIN' STRAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Momma and her man!!

If it wasn't for Texas...Fort Worth would never cross my mind, there'd be no Austin city limit sign, no Lone Star of any kind....IF IT WASN'T FOR TEXAS!!

Jerry and Jimmy...during this we were chanting..."Jerry open the roof, Jerry open the roof..."


We had an absolute blast! Thank Mom and Dad for the ticket!!! Love you!