Tuesday, July 28

Prayer Needed

I received a text from my friend Alisha today saying they didn't know what was wrong, but that they were at Children's Hospital (in Oklahoma) because Ridge (3 months) has a really low hemoglobin and platelet count. They don't have any diagnosis but he is receiving a blood transfusion today. Please pray for this sweet little boy and his sweet family. Thanks!

Monday, July 27

Come One Come All to the World Famous Jerseyville County Fair!

Both of my parents grew up in small farm towns just on the other side of St. Louis in Illinois. My mom was born in Jerseyville, IL...population - 8,291...explains a lot (haha, kidding) Anyway, growing up we always went to a similar county fair and there are is never a shortage of exciting events happening every evening (i.e. buggy horse races, rides, lots of animal judging, and the always thrilling...tractor and truck pull) So my dad found out that Friday night at the Jerseyville Co. Fair was the tractor and truck pull. So, begrudgingly...we went. ONLY because Dylan is obsessed with any form of transportation! Anyway...take a look and you can decide for yourself how it went...
He would not turn around...This is the moment that Dylan met his idol...Oh the things we will do for our kidshe was waving to us, but it kind of looks like he has his hands in the air like you would on a rollarcoaster...cuteHe turned around BEFORE the ride started and asked the kid behind him if they were winning, he has quite the competative spirit!This is seconds before he pronounced himself as the "winner" and congratulated his elephant with an enthusiastic "GOOD JOB!"
So yes...it ended up being a blast!

St. Louis Zoo!

My mom, dad, Dylan and I all drove to visit my grandmother and the rest of my extended family in Bethalto, IL and surrounding towns. I always tell everyone we are going to St. Louis, but noone actually lives there. It is an 11 hour drive and we left at 4 AM! 11 hours in a car with a 2 year old seems scary, but he did GREAT! He really is one of the easiest kids around...

On Thursday we took Dylan and my cousin Brianna to the St. Louis zoo. It is such a good zoo and the best part...IT'S FREE! To get in anyway, of course inside everything cost...but it is the same at every other zoo AND you have to pay to get in!
The hippos were really cool!Dustin didn't get to make the trip because he is the only one right now that goes to work every day...and I am very grateful! :) Anyway, we were in the children's zoo and after petting the guinea pigs they gave us this...so little shout out to my hard working hubby all the way from the STLthey were laughing at a turkey

Sunday, July 26

Erin and Reagan are here!!

I am way behind on blogging, and part of it is because these two are here and I would much rather hang out than be on the computer! Reagan has gotten SO big and adorable as always! I can hardly get enough of those sweet cheeks and her toothy little grin! I have HUNDREDS of pics!

Daddy and Dylan time!

There is nothing sweeter than a little daddy and Dylan time...I took these from far away so as not to disturb the sweetness...but Dustin is the best daddy and these two have so much fun together, I could watch them for hours!

On your mark...get set...

Sunday, July 12

American Railroad Museum

So I have been looking for cheap fun things in the Dallas area to take Dylan to do during the days. One of the things that I have seen in the paper twice is the American Railroad Museum down in fair park. So on Friday Lance, Dylan and I decided to go check it out...and I DO NOT recommend it! Dylan thought it was pretty cool, BUT the entire thing is outside. If you haven't noticed...IT'S HOT! Real hot! And basically you walk around looking at the outside of the trains. I really thought we would be able to go inside, and stand in some of the trains! The ONE train you could go in was 110+ and had two little fans to help "keep us cool" ha! So needless to say...we walked around for about 15 - 20 minutes and were sweaty and hungry. So we went to Snuffer's and ate some heart-attack inducing, yummy, greasy cheese fries!

Choo-choo! Uncle Lance loving the trains!

Tuesday, July 7

This and That

Well, we are officially moved in to the 'rents and are enjoying the Texas heat in the comfort of their fabulous backyard! Lots of shade and the pool...the only way to make it through a Texas summer!Dylan is in rare form any time we are in town...so now it is a full-time thing...always funny! I am really really really enjoying the benefits of being a teacher already :) Summers off!! Dustin started his new job out in Carrollton and is adjusting to a 20-45 min drive to work...as opposed to his 10 min back in Oklahoma, but we all have to sacrifice! jk

My parents had a 4th of July party and we saw some friends, Josh, Jessica, and CeCe and the Billups', Jared, Krystal, Karoline, and Klaire, all made it out to celebrate!

Honey and Dylan eating on the pull-out table
Funny boy showing me his peanut!
Watching some baseball with daddy
They were OUT!
This is the start of some of the cutest pictures he has ever taken...
This is superman...or "suterman" as Dylan saysWe are still potty-training so he runs around with no pants on quite a bit...but I love him in his little underwear! ha

This is little Cece! She is such a cute little thing!
She loved the water!

Cece and Josh
Dylan, Karoline, and Klaire
These two are so adorable together!

Karoline cracks me up...she sees you with a camera and she stops and "cheeses" so sweet!

We are so glad to be back around our family and friends! We are looking forward to our first nephew in Sept! Darrin, Erin, and Reagan will be here for a MONTH!!! and I start my first year as a teacher...so the next couple of months are going to be fun filled!!

Congrats to the Vasquez family, they welcomed Brenley Christina today! I can't wait to make our first trip back to Conroe to meet her!!!