Saturday, September 26

Born to be a rockstar…

Yes that is a inflatable guitar that he is sleeping with

Tuesday, September 22

Happy Birthday to the best Husband and Daddy!

I just want you to know that you are the very best husband and daddy in the whole wide world! Thank you for always taking care of Dylan and I and being as patient as humanly possible with me :) Anyone who knows me very well knows I tend to be on the forgetful side, so to be married to me you HAVE to be patient, so thank you Dust for your patience and love. I love you so much and am so glad that God blessed me with having you as my husband!

Dustin 068

Dustin 044 IMG_1968 IMG_2086 IMG_2220 IMG_2458 IMG_2709 

Thank for always keeping me laughing and for always being up for any type of crazy adventure!

Happy Birthday, I love you whole bunches!

Monday, September 21

How I Met Your Mother

is the best show on television...NEW TONIGHT!

Friday, September 18

Happy Friday from Wallace Elem.

So I know it seems as though all I’ve done is complain about all the work teaching requires…but I thought I’d show you a little of the greatest part about teaching…the kids!! Here are some of the great kids I have this year

2009-9-14 Happy Birthday Wallace 127

2009-9-14 Happy Birthday Wallace 133

2009-9-14 Happy Birthday Wallace 135

2009-9-14 Happy Birthday Wallace 136

2009-9-14 Happy Birthday Wallace 083

2009-9-14 Happy Birthday Wallace 132

Thursday, September 17


Is coming today! We got a text from Brandi at 5:35am this morning that Brandi and Kevin are headed to the hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, I can't take a day off of work right now so I'll need this day to fly by so I can go meet Will Ryan Tooker, I'll be dying to get out of there!!!! So please be praying for Brandi, Kevin, and baby Will that everything goes great!!!

Wednesday, September 16

Thank You to the Best Pops and Dad in the WORLD!

To the best Pops in the world…

Just a small thank you for…

 Pops 007 

Making me a fishing pole that always catches a “scraper” fish, and helping me to feed my horse…

 Pops 006Pops 010

Riding on my choo-choo train…and “choo-chooing” the whole time

Pops 011

swimming with me everyday this summer…

Pops 014

staying outside to swing, even when it was 100 degrees outside and mosquitos were eating us alive, and for making us dinner practically every night!

Pops 017 

Pops 018

But most of all…thanks for just being the best Pops in the whole wide world!


We love you [THIIIIIISSS] much!

The McCoys

Tuesday, September 8

Attitude Adjustment

So today, and almost everyday, when I get home from school, there is a big part of me that longs for the laid back easy evenings I used to I come home to a house that isn't mine (don't get me wrong, I am extremely grateful to my parents for allowing us to live here virtually for free and they have been extremely helpful with Dylan during Dustin and I's major employment shifts) but regardless...I'm ready to have my own space again. When I get home, it's play with Dylan until he goes to bed, and then work work work until 10:30 or so then go to bed...repeated day after day...

So to say that I might need an attitude adjustment might be an here in my "thankful list" to help me see that I have it so good.

I am thankful for...

my patient husband, my beautiful little boy, my helpful parents, my loving (and helpful) in-laws, my JOB (many people would die to have a job right now), my health, my friends, food (all of it), I am thankful for God and the price he paid, I am thankful for being back in Texas, my brothers, my dependable car, my future home (fingers-crossed), beer :), my co-worker's patience, the changing of the seasons (I love thanksgiving, fall and Christmas...and I feel like we are headed towards them!), comfy shoes, my husband's job, insurance, internet, my niece and soon to be newphew, and soo many other things.

I truly have a great life but I let the stresses of life cloud my vision. 1 Thessalonians 5:16 "Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Jesus Christ." - Amen

The Bible has many passages about praising in the midst of storms and I look around at the world around me and there are people around me dealing with more stressful circumstances than I, so I will stop the pity party and praise for the things I have and pray for guidance through this stressful time. I have no doubt that God provided these jobs for us and so I am done complaining about the work and I will praise him for the blessing of a steady paycheck and a great support system. Thank You.

Also...this isn't Biblical but I read it one day and I still occasionally see it and it snaps me out of my little pity party...

"When life's problems seem overwhelming, look around and see what other people are coping with. You may consider youself fortunate." - Ann Landers

Thank you.

Sunday, September 6

Happy Birthday to who?

Happy Birthday to who?

Dylan found some old party hats in the “catch all” closet at my mom and dad’s house, so for weeks now…we are celebrating birthdays EVERYDAY!IMG_3809 IMG_3817 IMG_3813

I know we all look exhausted…they aren’t our best…but regardless…we still celebrated someone’s birthday! Happy Birthday to you??

Long overdue Circus pictures...

Kevin and Brandi were so nice and got Dylan circus tickets! They were GREAT seats and we could see everything that was going on! I think if Dylan had been too far away he would have lost interest, but he was in the zone! Not once did he get restless...of course the cotton-candy, and having his best friend Karoline around definitely helped! Krystal and Karoline were able to join in the fun and we are so glad they did! Karoline and Dylan are SO adorable together! They get so excited when they see each other! We are so glad that they will grow up together to be friends!
They were sooo into the show!

elephants! (ele-pents)

Isn't she the cutest thing?!

He loved this hat, even though he couldn't see when he had it on

Sweet Krystal and Karoline

Saturday, September 5

Finally...some pictures!

The other night Dustin, Honey, Pops, and Dylan went fishing! (I was at meet the teacher night, ugh) He thought it was soo cool! HE IS SUCH A BOY!!! I'm not much for fishing, but he seemed to love it, so we might just have to go this weekend!

Tuesday, September 1

I should be working on lesson plans...

BUT...My mom sent this to me today...and since (1) we are STILL in the process of potty training Dylan, and (2) I am at a point that I could truly use some encouragement...I thought I would pass this on. CLife church sends out this daily devotional and this was todays...

ROMANS 12:10
10 Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.

In our household currently, my wife and I are dealing with our older daughter, (KK) who just turned 3 and is trying to master the art of potty training. Slowly but surely we are getting there. Then, there’s an interesting twist as we have a 19-month old daughter, (Lyric Leigh) who works just as hard to help KK in the potty training.

Here’s a glimpse into a potty training session in our home:
KK decides she needs to potty (and of course, proclaims it to the world, “I HAVE TO GO POTTY”). Lyric Leigh drops the doll she was playing with and in a baby’s version of a dead sprint, clears ahead of KK to the bathroom. You see, Lyric wants to arrive early to get the step stool ready in front of the toilet so KK can hop on the “big potty”. KK begins the actually potty-ing process (this time proclaiming, “I JUST TEE-TEED”)! By this time Lyric is handing the toilet paper to KK and ensuring she gets far too much paper for a “tee-tee amount of toilet paper” wipe. After the timely toilet paper hand off, Lyric Leigh is now grabbing the step stool from the toilet and transferring it to be centered in front of the sink so KK can wash her hands. Hands are soaped, rinsed, and then dried (with one last and most anticipated proclamation, “WE GET CANDY” as thunderous applause roars down the halls of the Wolfe house)!

As parents, we find it is so touching to watch Lyric get excited to help her big sister potty train while at the same time, seeing KK be just as excited to watch Lyric enjoy the prize of candy with her! In my season of life, this is God showing me what community is all about.

Whether you are the person in the friendship or community that is serving or being served, praying or being prayed for, correcting or being corrected, encouraging or being encouraged, praising or being praised...we’re in this together. In the end, the reward is ours to share!


Ahhh...breathe of fresh air...thanks mom and Randy for that bit of freash air.

As a new teacher (and yes I feel like a new teacher every second of every day, not to mention I am reminded zillions of times a day by everyone around me) it is OVERWHELMING all of the things that have to get done during the day...after school...and at home, I know one day I will have this all figured out but for now...I need to remember there are tons of people out there willing to offer support and help...because "we're in this together"