Saturday, October 31

Happy Halloween!!

Tonight was Dylan's first real trick-or-treating experience and he did AWESOME! We were a little worried he would get tired of walking but candy is a great incentive to tough it out! Several of the houses deemed him "cutest costume" and cutest kid! (but of course we already knew that:) At first he was shy when he would go to the door but as the night went on he got more brave. He really racked up on candy! And we ran out at the house...Aunt B and uncle Took manned the tricker treaters at the house and there were a TON! And where Aunt B and uncle Took are...little Will is also...and he is ADORABLE! He was a little pea-in-the-pod...and he really liked it

First house...

Checking out his loot
Dylan was helping Mimi feed baby Will...such a helpful cousin :)
After bottle...he was is such a cute, happy mood!
Oh SO sweet!

Friday, October 23

Weekly Dylan laughs...

So Dylan really does seem to be talking NON-STOP! Here are a few funny Dylan-isms

1. If he "toots" any time, anywhere...he announces it. On-the-Border, Target, Tom name it he has announced the "event."

2. Nightly prayers - he is now tankful for "the white house, his new room, camels, and pumpkins"...along with "animals in general, rabs (giraffes), walruses, bebras (zebra) and of course pish and pishing poles...

3. He now has to check out EVERY public mom just laughs and says "what comes around goes around" because apparently I had the same problem...

4. My dad always asks Dylan if he can have some "belly meat" (AKA - can I tickle you?) and today when my dad picked him up from the babysitters and Pops asked, "can I have some belly meat?" Dylan's response was..."no eat chicken."

There are MANY MANY more and I need to start texting myself when they happen because I forget them...

Happy Weekend...

Thursday, October 22

Carving the pumpkins!

Dylan WAS so excited to carve the punkins! But after the top was off and he has to stick his hand inside…he thought the inside was gross, but he still loved watching us! We didn’t finish them both so more pics to come from the 2nd pumpkin.

October 09 042

October 09 002 October 09 051 October 09 053 October 09 057

October 09 066

Finished product…

October 09 073

Some pics of the house and the Lowe’s come to town!

October 09 007

The kiddos playing in the empty house!

 October 09 028October 09 037 October 09 033

October 09 009

Our friends Grace and Amy were in town from Tennessee so we got the gang (minus Jared and the Ellis’) together for dinner! Grace and Amy are expecting their Claire Grace shortly so it was fun filling them in on the joys of parenthood :)

October 09 016

October 09 017

Mimi turns 50!

Long overdue birthday pictures! But we had a great time celebrating Mimi’s big day!

October 09 060

The whole fam!

October 09 015

Mimi and her best friends

October 09 061

Uncle J and Dylan being sugar walruses :)

October 09 004

Wednesday, October 14


We are in! I will post pictures sometime this weekend when I have time to its finishing these dang lesson plans!

Monday, October 12

We are officially HOMEOWNERS!

Get married...check
Have a kid...check
Move to a different state...check
Graduate college...check (yes I realize this is out of order, but for me it is the way it happened)
Get my first real job...check
Buy our first house...check

I am officially an ADULT!


But it feels amazing to have a place that is truly ours. When things slow down a bit I'll post some pictures but for now I'm massaging my neck and taking ibprofen to recover from painting...painting...and painting...

A HUGE thank you to Justin and Lindsay for helping all day yesterday!

ALSO...I FEEL HORRIBLE BECAUSE SUNDAY WAS MY MIL'S 50TH BIRTHDAY AND I'M JUST NOW PUTTING THIS UP HERE...BUT...We had a great day Saturday celebrating this big milestone! I hope you had a great birthday Mimi, WE LOVE YOU, and hope you had a great birthday weekend!!! and I will post pictures as soon as I am a little more settled!

Thursday, October 8


WE ARE CLOSING TOMORROW!!! Feel free to call this weekend to stop by...we'll be painting!

Wednesday, October 7


So we are about 90% sure that we are FINALLY CLOSING ON THE HOUSE!!!! HALELUJAH!!! It has been OVER two months since we put the first offer we are MORE than ready! So please PRAY that it happens because if it doesn't happen Friday we would have to wait until atleast Tuesday (banks are closed Monday for Columbus day) pray that they get all the paperwork in order! thanks :)

Funny Dylan moments of the day:

1. Dylan was running through RoomsToGo Kids Yelling about getting a new bed...and of course...he had to try out EVERY bed, chair, ottoman he could find! We left at 7:40...and they locked the doors behind us - but the door said they didn't really close until 8 - Were we really that bad?? Did they think we were going to come back??

2. During his nighttime prayer he prayed for the usual stuff..."tank you for my mommy and daddy, tank you for my honey and pops, tank you for my mimi, tank you for my cousin wheel (Will), tank you for my cousin reagan, tank you for loving me," and then he added a whole slew of new "tank you's"..."tank you for my pish (fish), tank you for my pishing pole, tank you for Nonna (Lonna), tank you for Baiwey (Bailey), tank you for Maggie, tank you for animals, tank you for walrus, tank you for giraffe, tank you for..." the list was LONG...anyway he was VERY "tankful" tonight :) Makes my heart smile


The grand opening isn't until Sunday...but the quiet opening was today...and Mesquitians were out in FULL force!! (yes...I totally had to check it out) even though all Super Targets are the exact same...

Monday, October 5

Cowboys Game Tailgating…

Dustin 037

Dustin 040

Dustin 041 

Unfortunately, the Cowboys were quite disappointing but we made the best of it! So glad Katy could be apart of the festivities, I am SO glad she is finally close enough to participate :) We had the “party passes” and I think that they are OVERRATED! You couldn’t see the field or even the stadium really…but it was cool just to be there for the opening of Jerry World!