Monday, November 30

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be thankful for this year (not that we don’t every year) but this year it seems all to good to be true!

Here are few things I’m thankful for..

Dylan Wayne McCoy – he is healthy, happy, and F U N N Y!! Seriously this kid is my whole world!

My handsome hubby! – he is ever so patient and helpful in this year of great change! I love you honey!

My fantastic family! I truly could not do it without them! My Mom and Dad, brothers, brothers-in-laws, sister-in-laws, MIMI :), and lets not forget the NIECE AND NEPHEW! It is so fun to watch our families grow!

I am SO thankful to be in Dallas where my family and friends are!!! So very very thankful for this one!!

I am thankful for my fantastic friends! We don’t see each other near enough, but regardless I love them and am thankful for them!

I am thankful for my savior and his love, forgiveness, and mercy. Without this everything else would be irrelevant.

I am thankful for coffee and pumpkin spice creamer…its the “best part of waking up!”

I am thankful for my monster couch, those of you who think you have the most comfortable couch in the world, have never sat on mine :)

I am thankful for a job. Sometimes it is incredibly stressful, but at the end of the day…I love those kids. They are crazy, loud, annoying, and goofy…but at the end of the day they (typically) make me smile :) AND I get a REAL paycheck – that helps too

I am thankful for a dog that loves me unconditionally – seriously that dog went from being our child for a year…to umm…a dog. But the second I am hope that great big lab tale wags like crazy.

I am thankful for facebook. Yes. Facebook.

I am thankful for fall…has anyone else noticed the awesome leaves? Gorgeous.

I am thankful for easy hair.

I am thankful for a husband who loves me, even when I am unlovable.

I am thankful for DVR – yes I couldn’t live without it.

I am thankful for Dylan’s babysitter. He goes in without screaming everyday and she treats him like he is her own grandson.

I am thankful for this time of year. I love it.

I am thankful for cars that (typically) run good.

I am thankful to live in a country that I can express what I am thankful for.

I am thankful to have enough food to eat everyday, and a roof over my head.

I am thankful for Biggest Loser.

I am thankful for my health.

More than anything though, I am thankful for my fantastic life. It is the life I have always dreamed of. Even though I have days that I forget this, I have a great life.

And now for pictures…

IMG_4347 \


IMG_4352 IMG_4357 IMG_4360 IMG_4364



Monday, November 23

Sneaky Peaky...

So earlier this month I went to C|Life's First Monday with Ginni and I won the BEST prize of the night! Which is even more incredible because I never ever win anything!! We won a photo shoot by Jared Rey Photography!!! Here is a mini sneak peak at how awesome they turned out!!

Saturday, November 14

Several things...

1st - There is water on the moon! (as a science teacher I am required by law to be excited about this, haha) jk but really it is a great way to show my kids that science is relevent and new things are being discovered all the time!

2nd - speaking of my kids...7 days until Thanksgiving break!

Thats it for now

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, November 11

Sunday, November 8

Excitement in the air...

It is that time of year...Thanksgiving is just around the corner...and Dylan turns 3 Dec 3, and then it is Christmas...I'm giddy just thinking about it all!!!

It is our year to go to St. Louis for Thanksgiving...and seriously...I really just smile thinking about dumplin dropping, turkey and dressing, desserts galore, the unbuttoning of pants, etc...

Dylan's birthday makes me sad but excited, he is going to UNDERSTAND what is going on!!! Everytime I mention his birthday he says something about cake, presents, or blowing out candles! Oh he will be so cute :)

Kind of the same deal with Christmas...(1) Dylan is going to understand what is going on...(2) we have our own house to celebrate in!, (3) Darrin, Erin, and Reagan will be here a month...and we can see them SO much more because we no longer live 3 hours away! (4) WE DON'T HAVE TO DRIVE ANYWHERE!!!!

Thursday, November 5

Contagious Diseases

So I've learned a lot since I started teaching, and I have MUCH more to learn but one of the most interesting things I've learned is that EVERYTHING is contagious.

- Contagious disease numero uno...Walking in the hall...someone stops to tie their thing you know...4 more people catch the contagious disease and must stop to do the same thing

- Contagious disease numero dos...Kids walk in the door and someone asks to go to the thing you know...EVERYONE has to go to the restroom...and yes, it is an emergency! They will even throw in some theatrical pee-pee dances...spreads like wildfire!!

- Contagious disease numero tres...Someone gets up for a think you know...HALF the class suddenly has a runny nose and is up to get a tissue...

- Contagious disease numero quatro...One person's pencil "mysteriously" breaks and must trade in their pencil for a pointy new think you know...EVERYONE's pencil is broken and they can't write without they must trade their pencil in also...

Kids are strange little creatures...the funny part is when you point it out, they look SHOCKED! How dare I accuse them of not really having a runny nose...or my shoes really were untied (but they have been untied since you got here this morning)...