Wednesday, December 30

Christmas with the Sniders

We had Christmas with the Sniders on Christmas Eve. We opened presents and then went to the candlelight service at Shiloh Terrace Baptist Church. It was so much fun all being together! Watching Reagan and Dylan open presents was so much fun. Dylan really “got” Christmas this year for the first time and Reagan really enjoyed “helping” Dylan with his presents. Reagan really loves Dylan…Dylan will learn to love Reagan…one day :)

This is before all the madness began


Dylan and Reagan went first and this was the first present Dylan unwrapped and he wanted to stop and play with it…I wonder why (thank you Aunt Erin and Uncle Darrin) I think they are his favorite thing he got!


He has the ENTIRE collection!


Another favorite…the swords – he even says “onguard!”


These are from Uncle Lance… ADORABLE!


A 3 year old friendly remote controlled car…the batteries are already almost dead!


Uncle Lance got his own Cowboy boots and was equally excited!


My adorable shirt/dress from Erin and Darrin…wore it today and got a ton of compliments!! Thanks!


Dustin got TWO cases of sugar-free RED BULL from Lance!! and to make it better…to disguise the gift, Lance wrapped them in the ugliest blanket my parents own! And we got my dad a Dallas Cowboys Snuggie!! (we give some random gifts!) – both made for some fun unwrapping :)

IMG_4940 IMG_4948

Uncle Darrin took it upon himself to get ALL the cars out of the package EVERY single one was wired in! Why do they do that?? Annoying.


Isn’t she just adorable!! We bought her new silver Morgan and Milos…so cute!


Tuesday, December 29

My funny little man

For Christmas Mimi got Dylan this cute firetruck chair/mat. And starting Christmas day, and everyday since, he has gotten out of bed at nap time to sleep in it (it was on the floor). As long as he is sleeping I’m really not too concerned where he is sleeping. So today I laid him down and went to check on him about 15 minutes later and this is what I saw…


Except that when I actually went in he was smiling ear-to-ear and laughing (I think he was really proud of his accomplishment)

Oh how I have loved these days at home with my family!

Sunday, December 27

It’s a miracle!

I am 25 years old and for the first time in my life…we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS!! It’s practically a miracle living in Texas! The day before it was in the 70s and the next it was snowing!! Here we are enjoying this Christmas miracle :)

Dylan is trying to catch some in his moth

 IMG_4857 IMG_4858 

Dylan and two of his favorite uncles (he has many favorites!)

IMG_4861 IMG_4864 

This was actually Christmas morning in front of our house!

IMG_5018 IMG_5019 IMG_5020

North Park Trains!

Last year my parents took Dylan to see the North Park Trains and Dustin and I missed out on the fun, but I knew this year would be even more fun because Dylan is much more verbal and increasingly entertaining so I was not going to miss out! Honey, Pops, Erin, Reagan, and Dustin, Dylan, and I all went Wednesday to check out the trains. Dylan was absolutely mesmerized by all of it. It is such a cool exhibit even for adults because of all the detail they put into it.
IMG_4736 IMG_4737
IMG_4738 IMG_4742
I am so glad to spend some time with Reagan!!!

When Dylan wanted to go a certain way he would just turn your head in the direction he wanted you to go…
IMG_4755 IMG_4751
This is the White House
IMG_4758 IMG_4759 IMG_4760 IMG_4763
Honey and Pops
Sweetest smiles ever!!
IMG_4771 IMG_4792
Snider girls
The whole gang
Our sweet family!

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas I know we did!!

Tuesday, December 22

White Rock Half Marathon!

Dustin and Rachel before the start! They were excited! (Rachel is a friend from our DBU days)


This is the starting line…


They had these guys ride off as they started


And they are off! I missed Josh and Dustin at the start because they got lost in the other 20,000 people…


The leaders…they were running FAST!


And right behind the leaders were these guys… :)


And there they go…


13.1 miles later…they finished!!


So proud of you honey! And a big thanks to Josh for coming out to run with Dustin (and then he went and ran ANOTHER 8 miles with his principal…CRAZY!) anyway it was fun and motivating!

Friday, December 18


TGIChristmas Break!!! 2 WEEKS OFF!!!

Sunday, December 13

Prayer needed!

First, our good friends Chelsey and Beau Ellis have three beautiful kids, Caleb, Carleigh, and Kiersten. On Thursday evening Kiersten began having seizures. She was admitted to Cook Children's in Fort Worth and began extensive testing. She didn't have anymore until Saturday night when she began having one an hour. Please pray for this sweet family and the team of doctors. They have started her on seizure medications, and I will keep you updated.

Second, I received a call from my Mom this morning while waiting for Dustin to start his half marathon. My uncle Steve who we just spent Thanksgiving with had an accident last night. He already has degenerative back disease, which means his spine is fusing together. So when he hit and ran off a bridge his back isn't strong to begin with. He had surgery today and is slotted for another one tomorrow to put pins from his T1 - T7 vertebrae. Please pray for my aunt and 2 cousins Mike and Brad along with healing for my uncle and for his team of doctors.


In good news Dustin ran a good half marathon today! He was looking good when I saw him at about the 7 mile mark and somewhere around the 12 mile he fell apart a little but he still pulled off a very respectable time of 1:47! I will post pictures later! We are so proud of you - Love, Dylan and I.

Sunday, December 6


The party was at the Dallas Children’s Museum and it was a blast! Thank you to everyone who came and spent this day with us. Dylan has such great support system and so many people who love him! He got SO many new presents that he didn’t even know what to play with first! 

Dylan and his best friends Karoline off to the museum! Aren’t these two adorable together?
IMG_4522 IMG_4529 IMG_4531 IMG_4532 IMG_4533 IMG_4538 IMG_4548 IMG_4570 IMG_4571 IMG_4587 IMG_4602 IMG_4607 IMG_4620 IMG_4636 IMG_4647 IMG_4645 IMG_4651
And at the end of the day…HE WAY EXHAUSTED!!