Thursday, August 27


Just wanted you to know that I'm still alive. I have survived 4 of the 5 day of my first week of school...and I think my kids have learned some! It's fun and scary and overwhelming. I think probably the best part is seeing them "get it." And it is great that no matter how mean I have to be the end of the day, they still think I'm pretty cool :)

Sunday, August 23

Ready or not...

here it comes...1st day of school tomorrow! Be thinking and praying for me :) Hope everyone else has a great day back as well!

Thursday, August 20


Well...our third offer...but regardles...WE HAVE A HOUSE! Refer to the previous post about the house...and you can see why I LOVE THIS HOUSE! Seriously...not only is it cute...but it is less than a MILE from my school!

Speaking of starts MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHH...(yes I am literally screaming) It's all a little overwhelming...but I just keep telling myself "I can do this" It's my mantra at every meeting I've been to the past two weeks! Tomorrow is our Snow Cone Social! So I get to meet some of my kids! So please pray for my sanity this next month...School...House...and I GET A NEPHEW! Great great month! BUT also REALLY REALLY stressful...stay tuned...

Tuesday, August 18

Oh so funny little boy

Great Dylan stories...

Last night, Dylan was being goofy at the table and kind of dancing around in his chair...AND HE FELL OUT! I know it may not sound funny, but (1) he was not hurt and (2) when he hit the ground he said "No." It was said very camly, but it was MAD at the same time. It just happened so fast, and I guess it is one of those 'natural consequences' as they are called in the classroom. I'm sure he won't be dancing around in his chair anymore.

And today, we have been celebrating birthdays. Not anyone's birthday, but we have been wearing birthday hats, and have sang the song twice. Dylan found some old birthday hats in my mom's "grandkid" closet, and he has been making everyone wear them...funny kid. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

And the last one (If you are at all squemish you may want to stop reading) anyway...we are potty training Dylan...and some days are great, while others are torturous...but typically he does #2 pretty successfully...well...the other day, he told me "I need to potty." and he turns around and I start after him. He turns around and tells me "no mommy stay." So I give him a moment or two of privacy and then I go in to check on him...and this is how it played out...he pooped alright...ON THE FLOOR!! But even better, I pick him up to move him and he sees 'it' and with WIDE eyes says, "WHOA, THATS A BIG ONE!" --- disgusting I know, but also hysterical!!!

Sunday, August 9

Soo much going on...

So today is my last day of summer...sad day. I am excited though. Everyone keeps telling me that I have a LONG year ahead of me...and I know it is true, trust me, I have quite the learning curve to overcome. the same time...I was in college for SEVEN years...yes you read that right...and I am finally doing something that is worthwhile, and something that I actually want to do! I have had plenty of jobs in the past 6 years...but not one of them have I really wanted to do. So it may be nine months until I post again...but hopefully not.

Also...BIG NEWS...We have found a house we want to put a contract on!!! We will see...if it is meant to be then it will be, so who knows!

I have tons of pictures to post from Reagan's 1st birthday party, but it is going to take some be ready because they are CUTE!

Lastly, continue to pray for Ridge Cary and his family, and thank you to those who have already been praying, they have definitely been felt!

Thursday, August 6

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest, cutest niece in the world! I love you sweet girl!

Tuesday, August 4

Ridge Update - Continued prayer needed

More prayers are needed for this sweet little boy, his sweet family, and his capable doctors. He was diagnosed with multifocal lymphangioendotheliomatosis with thrombocytopenia (MLT for short). As far as their doctors know, less that 20 people have had this disease since it was discovered in 2004. I am not sure if we can give blood in his name since he is in Oklahoma, but I am going to call around tomorrow to check. He is O negative blood type and he desperately needs platelets. Oklahoma Blood Institute had NO O negative platelets and he needs them. You can check the Cary's blog here to get the latest updates.

As a parent my heart aches for this family and this news. As soon as I know if there is anything we do from Texas I will post. Most of all this family needs your prayers. They have such strong faith and know that God will not give them anything they cannot handle, but they are exhausted...Thanks so much.