Sunday, December 26

My sweet little lime

This pregnancy hasn't been incredibly different than my first, but I have been concerned about how soon I would show and that I would be enormous due to the fact that it is my second. I haven't been sick (a little more nausea than with Dylan but not one bout with morning sickness - I say a nightly thank you prayer for this) but I have been extremely tired. Other than that I am feeling great. It is crazy to think that little baby "M" is the size of a lime and yet other than my spare tire I can't even tell I'm pregnant! I'm getting more and more excited at the thought of having another sweet baby to love on! I can hardly get enough of my sweet "baby" boy and the thought of that amount of love doubling boggles my mind!! I'm going to go on the record and make a prediction...I think it is a girl!! I NEVER would have said that about a month ago, but the addition of much more nausea and the fact that I am broke out like 16 year old (I never did with Dylan) leads me to think this! Also, I feel like I have more of a spare tire (with Dylan I just started showing really - my "chubby" phase was short lived because it was like an instant "basketball". Who knows - but with D I KNEW from the second I found out that it was a boy! This time I go back and forth, but today...I think it is a girl. Either way I'll be pumped (esp. since Dustin is considering a 3rd at some point in time) but really I could totally be that mom with all boys :) They'd spoil me rotten when they got older! haha Or if it is a girl I'd have a great shopping partner!

Anyway, I'm rambing and should be posting since I'm still way behind!

So to my sweet little lime, I can hardly wait to see what you are, but know that I'll be excited whatever you end up being!

Wednesday, December 22

Dylan’s Little Gym Birthday Party

I know that I’m posting horribly out of order, but such is life. This party was the 1st that all of Dylan’s friends really came! It was an absolute BLAST!! He had 22 little friends there! I was amazed at the turn out! (Granted he has 18 kids in his class alone, add in family, soccer team, and our friend’s kiddos – it adds up fast!) He had been pumped for WEEKS!! Little Gym is the most PERFECT place for a 4 year old party! The kids had a blast, they are old enough to follow directions, but not too old that mat games get boring! I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it for anyone whose kids are turning 3 or 4!




Look at all his friend! What a loved little boy! I thoroughly enjoyed watching him interact with all his friends!


Kids still love the parachute! I remember this being a favorite when I was little!


They put Dylan in the middle and spun him around while singing Happy Birthday!


The infamous parachute tent, I had to sneak a picture :)


Will got in on some of the action also!


This is Zachary, Dylan’s BFFE! They have been inseparable since the 1st day at LHE! They are soo cute playing together!




I found this incredibly interesting…without being told where to sit, all the girls ended up on one end of the table. The 2 girls in the pink are 2 of Dylan’s biggest fans :) Kylin (the stripped shirt) told her Mom one day after school that Dylan was her husband…and it begins…


Dylan and Owen, this makes my heart smile :)


The 3 amigos…Zachary, Dylan, and Gael.



Two of Dylan’s other BFFE’s our neighbors James and Elise. James (tall boy in the black T-shirt, and sweet Elise) – we are so lucky to have great neighbors!


And even though we all could have left during the party and returned at the end, Dylan’s biggest fans – his family – especially his Mimi and Honey!



We had SUCH a great time!

Tuesday, December 21

Thanksgiving with the McCoys

Well…I really dropped the ball…these are the only 2 pics I got, I was feeling pretty crummy the first part of the day! But it makes me feel much better that Brandi didn’t either! We had a fantastic time with the McCoys also though! Thanksgiving was when we shared our big news with the McCoy fam. So that alone made it exciting!


But Mr. Will was very into this milk carton! haha, he is ADORABLE when he walks, especially when he’s holding something! I think its that he’s so small! It has been awhile since Dylan was this size and I forgot how cute they are when they are learning to walk!! SO CUTE! I am especially looking forward to hanging out with this little guy over Christmas!

IMG_0520 IMG_0521

Thanksgiving with the Snider fam.

I am WAY behind on blogging, and before I get further behind because of Christmas, I had better catch up! I’ll start with showing off my decorating! I haven’t always been known to go all out on decorating,  but I was inspired so I went all out! I love the way it all turned out! Fall is easy with all the gorgeous leaves…I’ve found Christmas much more challenging!





The weather was AMAZING so we got some good outside time!


The boys had a very serious soccer game going!





After all that playing the kiddos needed a refreshing drink (crazy straws of course)


This is “the bird” Dustin got a smoker for his birthday and we had never used it. So Darrin braised this sucker and got it ready, and 8 hours later, it was the BEST turkey I’ve every had!!! It wasn’t dry, and I feel like most turkey is! Yummy!


Darrin is so proud :)


  The whole clan!


We had soo much fun hanging with the fam, we missed Pops of course! We cannot wait for another week full of family fun!

Saturday, December 18

Great Joy!

Dylan has some news to share...
Yes, you read his shirt right...he IS GOING TO BE A BIG BROTHER!!! We are so excited that we are expecting our next little McCoy! We've had lots of responses from our Christmas cards, because to many this was our "announcement!"

This is how we told my side of the family...
Before we went to Lance's ring dunk, I wanted to tell them so that they wouldn't have ANY idea! Lance was completely opposed to taking this picture because we was very ANTSY to get there! But Dustin and I were insistent on telling them before we went. So Dustin was taking the picture and the 1st time he said "say cheese," and took the picture, the 2nd time he said, "go Aggies," and took the picture, but the 3rd time he said, "say Tricia is pregnant!." And this fantastic picture is their response to his instructions! haha Check out my Mom and Dad, they are apparently the only 2 paying any attention!

Here is everyone "getting it"

The whole clan (minus Dylan) - he hung out with Mimi this weekend!

We told the McCoy's the next week at Thanksgiving! Dustin prayed before our Thanksgiving feast and at the very end he Thanked God for the 3rd grandchild. :) It took everyone a second a process but Brandi was the first to speak up and say "Really?" - yes really!

It was so much fun telling everyone! I told my students at school yesterday by playing hangman. They had to figure out _'_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _! (I'm having a baby!) They were shocked and couldn't believe I would wait so long to tell them! haha!

I am feeling great, I haven't had too much nausea and zero morning sickness. I've just felt really tired. I am due July 9th! I went to the doctor and had a sonogram yesterday and everything is looking great! Only 6 weeks until I can find out what I'm having!!! The suspense is already killing me!!

Funny Dylan story: We told Dylan he was having a brother or sister (which he knows, but doesn't fully comprehend) but when asked what he would name it if it were a girl his response was "Meagan" which we don't know many Meagans and non of them does he see on a regular basis! and if it is a boy he said, "ummm....knucklehead" - silly boy! That would have been a great name for him! He has also added "silly goose" to the list!

Saturday, December 4

Dylan turns 4!

I won’t be sappy and sad because my sweet little man is 4! How that happened, I still cannot quite figure it out, but none-the-less…it has happened. He’s 4. Dustin and I both took the day off so we could celebrate right!

We started off the day at the donut shop (Dylan’s breakfast of choice) 



Then it was off to Northpark to get pictures with Santa! It was quite the process but we stuck it out!


Cute cousins!



Dylan told Santa that he wanted a big racetrack, and more cars. Santa asked what he was going to leave for him and Dylan said “bacon.” haha I guess that would be a nice change from all those milk and cookies!


Reagan...was NOT a fan of Satan…I mean Santa! :)


After Northpark we head to Fair Park to visit the brand new Dallas Children’s Aquarium!



The were feeding the sharks and stingrays!


At stingray bay you can touch and feed the stingrays! Dylan was not convinced but eventually he touched one!


He wasn’t sure what to think…he wasn’t anxious to do it again!




Later that night we met the whole family at Picasso’s to celebrate my sweet boy!








We had such a great day hanging out and celebrating! I hope that year 4 is just as great as the first 3 years, it has gone fast!