Sunday, January 31

Grammy’s and weekend update

So...I hope this doesn't make me sound old...but the Grammys give me a headache. Seriously, I kind of cringed the entire time the Black Eyed Peas were jumping around the stage. And Jamie Foxx and T-Payne...was that a song or just making random noises "oh" "hey"? Of course, I enjoyed Lady Antebellum and Beyonce was ok, but what the heck was Pink wearing? Her song didn't give me a headache...but put some clothes on. Bon Jovi…awesome, Bon Jovi and Sugarland together…awesome! Lady DAVE amazing! Oh how I’ve missed you Dave. I don’t fully understand the M.J. obsession…I get that he had a lot of influence on music…but he was creeeeepy. Admit it – he still give you the chills and not in a good way. I think it was his weird nose, and his ever changing skin color. <back to the show> I’m not really rooting for Taylor Swift and I’m a fan, but if she gets a Grammy before she turns 20…whats next for her?

Anyway, we had a great relaxing weekend. Saturday I went to Canton for first Monday with Ginni. I got some great buys for the house...I'll take some pics of the new finds. The house has a LONG way to go, but a few more trips to Canton and I think I'll be doing good. I had some cute cabinet doors from one of the built-ins that I had taken off because the glass in them was really ugly. But I broke out the glass and they look really cute on the wall (pics coming). Saturday night Justin and the Tookers came over and we had some delish burgers at Jake's, and then we came back here and played a competitive game of chicken foot. I technically, was not competative (unless getting the most points counts) but it was still fun. Here are a few pics of Dylan and Will being cute. Will was sitting in the bumbo and Dylan pulled up his chair to read to him, I like that Will watches his every move! That could be a bad thing one day :) They are such sweet cousins!



How cute is he? He go ahead of that foot and held it for a long time!IMG_5171

Today, I rode down to Fairfield to meet Lance and my cousin Jessica for lunch. Jessica came all the way down from Illinois to help him celebrate his big 21st birthday! (what happens in College Station stays in C.S.) Then when we got back I hung up some more decorations and then ran 3.3 miles. It was a rough run. I HAVE to run sometime this week! I took all last week off because it was kind of hard to get a run in with Dustin being in Minnesota. Anyway, just a little catching up and venting on the Grammy's! (Zach Brown Band is on currently and I LOVE them! "A little bit of chicken fried..."
I wish everyone a fantastic week!

Saturday, January 23

My kid is cute…

It has been awhile since I have posted anything Dylan related. Here is what my little man has been up to…

Last weekend we went to Karoline Billups’ birthday party and, lets just say, my kid LOVES cupcakes…

IMG_5140 IMG_5141 

Also, Dylan is increasingly becoming Lonna’s BFFE. This is how I caught them one morning while we were getting ready for school…


And Dylan has been busy with these since he got them for Christmas…IMG_5144

Uncle Darrin and Aunt Erin win best Christmas gift of 2009!


Another day we decided to have a mini photo shoot…Dylan was being goofy for the camera…

 IMG_5151 IMG_5153 IMG_5155 IMG_5157 IMG_5160

I keep trying to convince Dylan that he needs to stop growing, but he is loving becoming increasingly independent. Some of things I am glad that he is becoming independent in, going potty, brushing his teeth, drinking out of a regular cup, but it is also a reminder that he is no longer a baby :( Seriously, how in the heck is he three?? I love him more every single day…I can’t imagine how much I’ll love him by the time he’s 25! ha!

Confidence Run...

I just ran 5 miles at 9:15 pace in the rain! This is longest run I have done since I quit running at DBU 6 YEARS AGO! And not only did I run it, but it felt GREAT! I'm definitely feeling confident that I can rock the Cowtown 10K (6 miles) February 27th!

Wednesday, January 20


So I'm not sure if I've mentioned this or not...but I need to make it publicly known that I am training for a half-marathon. It is great to get encouragement and to be held accountable, so because I'm making it known to the world via blogger...I feel that I MUST follow through. In case you didn't know I ran for years as a cross country and track runner, but since I quit running at DBU 6 years ago I have not consistently stuck with it for longer than a month or two, but I definitely still have a "runners mentality" so that helps. I think part of me will always consider myself a "runner" but currently my body does not convey that message and neither do my knees...but it will come! :)

I have always wanted to say I have done it, so I figure this is my time! I have to do it before we have another child. Plus, getting back into shape before having baby numero dos will make (1) carrying a baby easier and (2) bouncing back after a baby MUCH easier!

So...Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 10

All we wanted to do was play...

With it being as cold as it has been the past several days I really wanted to get outside today. So, Dylan, Lonna and I met Blair and her chocolate lab Oakley, up at Norbuck park to let the dogs run and just to get some fresh air! We were having fun with the dogs running wild and chasing the ball. We were centrally located in a field, by ourselves, not bothering anyone around...when all of a sudden...a police car. I knew as soon as I saw them drive up what was coming, but hoped they could find it in the kindness of their hearts to give us a warning and move along their merry way taking down real criminals like bank robbers or child molesters...but this was NOT the case. Instead, we were both given "leash law" citations.

Now, I knew the law and I do understand the reason for the law, but SERIOUSLY!?? Who were we bothering? I know that some people are not "dog" people, and for that reason I always keep a good distance between myself and anyone else at the park. Lonna and Oakley were not causing a problem, the park is huge, and again...we were NOT bothering anyone. I even told the officers that I couldn't take her to the dog park that is right up the street because they won't allow children under the age of 10 into the gates. His response, "well I'm sure no one would say anything." WHAT? No one was saying anything least not directly to us. (see below) So I can't take my dog to the dog park because of Dylan, and I can bring my dog to the park but only on a leash (which does a, high energy, lab no good). Again, I understand the law but we have Labs - not pitbulls, we are not stupid enough to own dangerous dogs - and we were minding out own business! My favorite part of this whole incident is that as the officers we walking up, Oakley decides to drop the kids ha ha ha! I found out a few minutes later the officer that gave Blair her citation decided to, "forget the whole poopie incident." Umm...thanks...I guess...

If some bored, disgruntled person called 911 to report us. Get a life, really, get one, because giving someone $189 ticket because you're angry at the world is ridiculous. KARMA.

Tuesday, January 5

Christmas with the McCoys!

We spend Christmas day with the McCoy/Tooker/Yale family! It was so much fun having Christmas at our house for the first time!! Here we are opening presents with everyone! It was soo much fun watching Dylan, Ian, and Addison open presents. In a few years Will will join the fun of tearing into that paper, but for this year he sat back and watched all the fun!

 IMG_5071 IMG_5072 IMG_5074 IMG_5076 IMG_5082 IMG_5086 IMG_5099 IMG_5102

Like my scarves??


Uncle J and Dylan hanging out on Dylan’s cool gift from Mimi (he napped on the same mat everyday for the rest of Christmas break!)

 IMG_5109 IMG_5110

We drew names between the kids this year and J drew Dustin’s name…when he brought this in…


we had NO idea what it was…and actually even when Dustin opened it…J still had to actually tell him what it was. A FIRE PIT!! AWESOME GIFT! We have already used it so much!


Everyone wanted a piece of Will :) He was just passed from one person to the next!


Dylan riding his new big boy bike (with his new cowboy boots on)

 IMG_5061 IMG_5064 

I bought Dylan and Will matching PJ’s and they were ADORABLE!!


I had to make this one bigger because check out Mr. Will under the Christmas tree giving us a sweet smile!