Saturday, February 27

Running Update

I ran my first race in 7 years today! I ran the Cowtown 10k in 51:39 (unofficially) that is averaging 8:15! I really wanted to break 51 but for the first time racing in a LONG time I'm not too disappointed! Dustin ran the half marathon in 1:37! I'm so proud! That is 10 minutes faster than he ran it back in November! And at the end he looked so strong! So proud of you honey! I am running the Big D half marathon the beginning April and for good measure I am running the OKC memorial marathon at the end of April!

Tuesday, February 23

Mavs Game!

Thanks to Kevin and Brandi for inviting us to enjoy the suite at the Mavs Game! We finally felt brave enough to take Dylan to his first Mavs game!

Here is Mimi and Will enjoying the game!


“The boys” chillin’ :) These two make me smile!


Whose kid is that? This is Dylan’s version of “Let’s Go Mavs!”

IMG_5266 IMG_5267 IMG_5268

Isn't he the sweetest?! I love how he looks like such a big boy sitting in the chair all by himself!

IMG_5269 IMG_5270

The highlight of the night was the foam finger! Mimi bought him the foam finger and him and “Windsey” played every foam finger game imaginable! Thanks Mimi for the finger and Lindsey for the entertainment!



Monday, February 22

So much to blog little time!

So Lance has asked for a new blog...he could care less about my recipes - he wants Dylan pictures! Well report cards are due tomorrow, science fair projects are a pain to grade, I have staff development after school Wednesday and then my plans are due so...until fun blog. But we did have a GREAT weekend with loads of fun involved, but just no time. So Lance, this is for you :)

Tuesday, February 16


I am in desperate need of some new receipes! I feel like I make the SAME things over and over again! I need chicken recipes, ground beef, soup, you name it...I need it! The quicker to make the better but I like some great "weekend" receipes also... so PLEASE save the McCoy family from monotony...


Sunday, February 14

Valentine's Day

So Dustin and I aren't huge Valentine's day celebrators. Our anniversary is in January and my birthday is the beginning of March so it just kind of gets to be a lot. the spirit of love...I do love my boys more words can express.

Today at church the title of the sermon was "Life's too Short, not to love" and not... "I love chocolate, or I love the weekend." but real agape love. Agape love is the way that a parent loves their child and the way that Christ loves his church. It is was 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 is describing..."love is patient, love is kind, etc... Love that truly, without hindrance, loves without thinking. And it did a great job at painting a picture of what our love as Christians should look like. Without fear, without keeping record of wrong, without thinking about it. As a parent I certainly do not have to think or decide to love Dylan, but with my marriage, and with every other person there are certainly times I have to chose to love. I think if I can truly understand what it means to love my husband, love the world as Christ loves me, it wouldn't ever be a choice. So on this Valentine's day I'm focusing on how Christ loves me without hindrance and without thinking because if I can truly grasp that feeling, then loving everyone else...will come without thinking or trying.

Friday, February 12

More snow pictures!

This is the “official” reading at the Snider’s! Clearly 9 inches!! Insane!!!


These are just some random pics from around my parent’s house…



A couple of limbs down in the backyard…I wish I had a tree service company, they are going to make a KILLING off of this storm!!!!



Look at how many limbs the neighbors had down!


Our snowman packed on a few more inches…




We finally headed home to let Lonna in on the fun and MAN was she excited!! Fetch in the snow=LOTS of fun!!

IMG_5214 IMG_5217 IMG_5218

Our backyard…


She looks so pretty next to all the really white snow!


Snow fun in our own backyard!


I like this picture because it shows how DEEP the snow is…OVER Dylan’s knees!


We “boogie boarded” around the backyard! Dylan thought this was the coolest thing ever!




Here is our one casualty, welcome to homeownership :)


Have a great weekend and stay warm! This will definitely be a day to remember!

Thursday, February 11

Texas Snowstorm!

I cannot believe it but for the first time in my almost 26 years...we have had a REAL snowstorm in Texas!!!! I got to build my very first snowman with Dylan and Dustin! Right now we have about 8 inches of snow on the ground!!! Here is the fun we had today...I'm sure there will be more fun tomorrow!

Let the snowman building begin...

Finished product...note the large amount of snow stuck to his hat :)

I was just informed that all school is cancelled tomorrow!! So lots more snow playing to come!! We are spending the night with my mom tonight because earlier our power was out, it is back on but it was past 7 when we found out so we're just having a slumber party with my mom because my Dad is in Louisiana.

Wednesday, February 10

Monday, February 8

New Shoes…

So, I'm not sure if it because he is getting so articulate, but this boy has really had me laughing lately!! Dylan has been in need of a new pair of "running" shoes - when getting dressed in the morning he calls his Nike's his running shoes (only the son of two runners does this) - anyway, he's needed them pretty bad for a couple of weeks. So tonight, we braved the cold and rain and headed to Academy. He had decided he wanted blue shoes. (He's been talking about getting blue shoes for days now) We get there and I go to browse the running section and Dustin and Dylan head to the shoe department. 5 minutes later, I head back to meet them, and Dylan has decided on these...

Apparently, he picked up the box and before opening then he proclaimed, “these are my favorite!”…well…I have a rule…and I’m pretty passionate about it…NO CHARACTERS! The only time I allow is for pj’s. Anyway, I spring into action...MUST FIND BLUE SHOES! So I find some Nike shox that have blue on them!
Fast-forward to bath time...he is clean, I left him for a second to go grab some clean undies and the Christmas pj's that Dylan still insists on wearing. So I come back to find Dylan...naked...with his new shoes on...the wrong feet. Yes, naked. I am laughing so hard I'm snorting.

Here is Dylan running around the house in his Christmas pj's swearing that he is faster with his new shoes on. (Lance used to make this same claim EVERY time he would get new shoes as a kid-scares the crap out of me)...Enjoy...






Sunday, February 7

Silly bird

We went to meet Dustin at White Rock Lake today to switch cars and Dylan, so that I could go run. Below is our conversation in the car...

Dylan: "Mommy, that was a silly bird."
Me: "Oh really, why was that a silly bird?"
Dylan: we are sitting at a stop light so I tuned around - "yes he made this silly face." - as he puts his thumbs in his ears and sticks out his tongue.
Me: "Well a bird that makes that face, is definitely silly."

Where does he come up with this stuff?? A bird making a funny face...oh he is a funny man.

Good Run...

Ran 6.5 miles in an hour today...feeling good about the Cowtown 10k! It was FREEZING but Lonna and I survived the wind and cold. Yay for getting back into shape!!

Wednesday, February 3

Introducing - The foot hug.

One of my favorite parts of the day is putting Dylan to bed. It has always been a family affair. We all pile in, sing skin-a-marink-a-dink-a-dink (or sometimes still rudolf the red nosed reindeer), we pray, Dustin tells a story about "King Daddy, Princess Mommy, and Prince Dylan" - I have tried to convince Dylan that I should be Queen but he is convinced I am a I am a princess every night - and then we kiss, hug, and basically, he does everything in his power to pro-long the inevitable, it is always a 15-20 minute process. So tonight during a thrilling game of this little piggy he decided to invent the "foot hug." - Yes, with his head at the wrong end of the bed, he gave us foot hugs. And when we attempted to get a real hug I tried using reverse psychology and said "It's okay, I don't want a hug." Dylan's response..."yea right!" HA! He is getting so stinkin' smart! I just love him more every single day! So if the regular hug ever seems monotonous...give it a shot - foot hugs, they're all the rage.

Hump Day

Yesterday wasn't necessarily extremely stressful but man was I was grumpy last night! (ask my dear husband) I think sometimes being at school really early and staying unil 6:30 multiple nights in a row just wears on me...So here's to hump day and a better day...