Wednesday, June 30

Oh the joys...

So as if the pointing with his middle finger wasn't fun enough (yes that problem is still not resolved, although he is becoming slightly more aware) we now are dealing with a 3 year old who refuses to lose at anything. While playing Chutes and Ladders he threw a GIANT fit because he had to go down the chute - which ultimately led to his doom and my victory. He literally is so upset that he might just make himself throw up...comments? advice? I mean sometimes in life you eat the cookies and get sent down the LOOOOOOONG purple happens...who knew that chutes and ladders would mean a life lesson for Dylan!? As if that weren't enough...somehow the Angels are up 3-0 on the Rangers...long purple chute...they just need to bake a special cake and head straight up the BIG blue ladder.

Monday, June 28

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a busy busy weekend! We layed sod! (if anyone can explain why it is called sod I would love an explainaion...because the second the second it hits the ground it is "grass" again...) anyway, it was hard work. Thank you thank you to Justin and Lance for coming over to help Dustin. Here are a few pictures from that!
Dylan did A LOT of this...but he did help the boys out some too..

Thursday, June 24

Poor Baby...

Yesterday we had our pallet of sod dropped off at the house. If you've ever seen or been to our house you've noticed there are really big bare spots where there isn't any grass...anyway, we go to cycle class and when we got home Dustin started investigating the sod. He noticed how dry it is was (big is June in Texas, everything is dry!) but he was afraid if we didn't lay it it might die. So at 6:40ish...Dustin borrows our neighbors tiller and we START the process of laying this entire pallet of sod. We worked until around 9:30 and only got half of the yard done.

Anyway, the real point of thie blog is Dylan. During this time while we are digging and moving dirt he is "helping" with his own shovel and rake. After awhile he got bored so I let him come inside and watch an episode of Little Einsteins, but eventually he came back out and played in the water. He didn't get much attention, but we certainly knew he was there. Anyway, at 9:30 I took him inside for a bath (we were all DIRTY!) and the poor kid had 8 freaking mosquito bites...ON HIS FACE! I had sprayed him, and myself, with TONS of OFF, but I never spray his poor sweet face. I felt just awful. Dustin went and got some Benedryl and some stuff to actually put on the bites. The poor thing is just like me. I walk outside and get swarmed by them, and when I get bit they get about the size of a quarter. So his poor face was swollen and red and of course itchy. This morning they have shrunk but now it kind of looks like he has chicken pox :( So we are mostly hanging out at the house today, I can only imagine taking him somewhere and get stares because it really looks like he has chicken pox, and to tell someone that "Oh they're just mosquito bites." - doesn't exactly make me look like Mother of the Year! But I swear I put OFF on - and he didn't have any bites anywhere...except his sweet face!

Here is Dylan doing his best to seem as pathetic as possible...I had just put benedryl on some of his bites and he's making sure I know that he REALLY needed it!

Monday, June 21


How do you teach a 3 year old that he can't point with his middle finger? He does it all the time and I've told him MANY times that that is not a good finger...

Sunday, June 20

Happy Father's Day!

Dear Daddy,
Thank you so much for working hard every day to earn the money to buy me more cars, tucking me into bed every night, reading me Curious George almost every night and doing the voices, playing Zingo, letting me fix the sprinklers with you, making sure I brush my teeth every night, teaching me to pee in the grass :), teaching me how to race (and how to "take" care of injuries), making me tough, and many many more things. You are the best Daddy in the whole world!
Love, Dylan Wayne

We got Dustin new boots for Father's Day so Dylan had to wear his to church also :)

And on top of having a great Dad, Dylan also has the best Pops around! We didn't get to hang out with my Dad this weekend because he is working hard down in Mississippi, but we sure did miss him! I am one blessed girl because I also have the best Dad in the whole world! He taught be to be independent (maybe too much sometimes), he taught me persesrverance (I could tell many stories...but I'm I'd be up all night), my dad taught me to laugh at myself - such a great thing to learn!, he's taught me how to be a parent (I'll give you a reason to cry :), and SOO many more! So happy Father's day Dad, I love you and miss you!

Wednesday, June 16


Here is Dylan after swimming lessons day 2! I am amazed at what only 2 days has done! Make sure to pay attention when he swims back to the step...I think he swallowed a little water and he had water in his goggles. His reaction is pretty funny!

Tuesday, June 15

This stay-at-home Mom thing is pretty awesome!

So I must say that I'm LOVING staying at home with Dylan. Every day he says or does something that cracks me up!

This weekend we were at my Mom's house swimming and the time came for him to lay down to take a nap. So he takes his nap (a late one) so because it was so late I decided to wake him up a little early because it was already 6. Dustin actually did the waking up, Dylan comes in the family room and is waking up in the recliner. I go over to kiss him and he is scratching at a mosquito bite (the poor kids is cursed with being delish to mosquitos like me) - so I told him to stop scratching them to which he replies with big eyes, "I'm FREAKING OUT!!" Normally I would tell him we don't say that word, but all I could do was die laughing! Funny!

Today we ventured down the Fair Park to go to the Museum of Nature and Science (I LOVE that place!) The science teacher/nerd comes out in full force. But it great because it is one of those places I can take Dylan and we BOTH can have fun...sometimes a rarity with typical 3 year old entertainment. So we came home and he had to lay down early because we have swimming lessons at 3. So just a minute ago I hear little feet (we have a pier & beam house so you can hear everything) I go to check on him and sure enough he is missing from his bed...where would he go? ***I'm back, I went to check on him and he was still laying there playing airplanes with his hands so I had to lay down with him*** anyway, back to the story...I found him hiding out in my bedroom in spying on me. I acted stern but really just wanted to laugh at how adorable he was, but I kept it together. So he goes back to his bed, I leave him...and as you now know I ended up having to lay down with him. I will that I slightly dread the day that he stops taking naps! But in his 3 1/2 years of life he has gone MAYBE 3 or 4 days in which he didn't nap and on those days he went to bed EARLY! Typically, the kid loves to sleep!

Another great conversation that Dylan and I had this morning went like this...
Dylan - "Mommy, I need to tell you something."
Me - "Ok"
Dylan - "You're my best girl e(b)er, and I love you!"
Me - "I love you too sweet boy!"

Oh, he melts my heart! ALL the time he is at random times telling us how much he loves us! He is such a kind hearted little boy! I feel like we are quickly headed toward those days in which he will only hug and kiss me when we are in the house, alone, with noone else there to witness the exchange of kisses and hugs, so I steal them ALL the time! If he asks for a drink or snack, my response is "it's going to cost ya!" and he knows that means that he has to give me a kiss and hug before I'll oblige! If he wants to go outside or asks for pretty much anything he know that it's going to cost him! How in the world is he already 3 1/2?!?

I am off to get everything ready for swimming lessons! This is day #1 so I'll keep you updated on the progress!

Friday, June 11

Girl's Weekend!!

Last weekend Dustin went camping with a couple of his buddies in Arkansas, so I figured it would be a great time to have the girls spend the night. Friday night Ginni, Blair, and I had our fill of Matt's in Lakewood and then had a thrilling time trying on "rompers" at Target. We are truly out of control! :) Then Saturday Jaimee joined the fun and we had the BEST breakfast in Dallas at Pene Pompodoro - along with $1 mimosas! Afterwards, we went to Whitney's powderpuff football practice at Extall Park and played on the playground. All hot and sweaty from sliding and monkey-baring we headed to the "Fraternal Order of the Eagle's" (A.K.A. the hippie pool) for more drinks and some sun! I got absolutely toasted and am now peeling but it was a fantastic time!

Tuesday, June 8

Playing in the "sprinklings"

Last Thursday was my last day with the school kiddos and Dustin had left for Arkansas to go on a camping trip with the boys, so I was alone, and exhausted...but of course, Dylan was not. So I needed easy, do-it-himself entertainment - in our household that almost always equals WATER! So we busted out the "sprinklings" and he ran through the water for almost an hour! He had a blast and I chilled and took pictures :). See for yourself why this is the perfect fix for a tired Mom... Oh...and yes he is running in his tennis shoes because the acorns hurt his feet and we didn't really have anything else - which has since been remedied with sandals -

Monday, June 7

Canton Finds!

Liz, Brandi, my Mom, and I all sweated it out in Canton this past Sunday, but it was well worth it! I found so many great new things to add to my barely-decorated house! I am so excited to finally start making this house feel more like ours!

This rug I actually got at Target, but we have only had a Christmas rug since we moved in - in September! - so we were overdue for a cute welcome rug!
This is one of my favs...I love anything personalized!

I have been looking for an old window for years, everytime I am in an antique store I see them but they are way over priced! This one I found - with NO broken panes - for $20! I was pumped! I just need to clean it up some and put some hangers on it! I'll post pictures when it is on the wall!
Isn't he cute? I have started a theme...

Carrying on the bird theme...Dustin isn't a fan, hopefully I can win him over :)
These are going in the small bathroom by the kitchen as soon as I paint in there...hopefully Thursday...
Another great buy were the mirrors, they're perfect for this spot in the dinning room!

There is one sign I forgot to take a picture of and it says, Faith, Hope, and Love...and it has a bird and nest on it... Alfred Hitchcock would be proud :)