Sunday, July 25

Fort Worth FUN!

We rode the TRE train over to Fort Worth to visit Mimi, and we met Ian, Addison, and their Mom, Michelle, at the Museum of Nature and Science! If you haven’t ever done this…YOU SHOULD! The train is SO much cheaper and less stressful than driving! Plus, kids LOVE it! It only took an hour to get there and to drive takes about the same amount of time, plus,  if you get stuck in traffic it can take hours! So I highly suggest if you are wanting to go to the zoo or anything in Ft. Worth to take the train! Anyway here are a TON of pictures from our fun day!



 IMG_6379 IMG_6380 IMG_6381 IMG_6382 

One HAPPY boy!


And this is JUST on the train!

Mimi and Dylan hanging out with T-Rex


Mimi with 3 of her 4 boys! Goofy boy wouldn’t look at the camera…

IMG_6411 IMG_6413 IMG_6417 IMG_6414 IMG_6427


IMG_6435 IMG_6440


IMG_6441IMG_6458 IMG_6452 IMG_6477 IMG_6484 IMG_6497

On our way back Dylan found a nice spot while waiting for the train!


Wednesday, July 21

BUSY July! – be warned this is a MONSTER post!

We have been so busy (and by busy I mean…playing:) this month! I have hardly blogged about our adventures! I hope you have a little time on your hands because this is one JAM-PACKED blog! TONS and TONS of pictures!

We met Brandi and Will at the splash park last week and had so much fun! Will wasn’t so sure about the water and the weird texture of the ground but Dylan is a pro!

I’m not sure if we were paying too much attention to Will, but I look over to find Dylan doing this…


Goofy kid said he was going to take a nap…






Dylan loves the “bubble'” he can get inside and not get wet…





I LOVE LOVE LOVE the half smirk!


We also went to the Rangers game with the Cleburne crew on the night that they honored Michael Young as the All-Time Hits Leader, and it was also Cliff Lee’s first night on the mound as a Ranger – Good times…except that they lost…but these are the only pictures I got…



Another thing that Dylan has REALLY enjoyed is Little Gym! We go Weds. at 11:30 and he has a blast! It’s fun to watch from week to week because he really does get better and understands what is going on! They actually used him as the “example” today :) I was so proud…he got to show off his soccer skills!

IMG_6521IMG_6525 IMG_6528 IMG_6530 IMG_6524


Probably the most exciting thing that has happened in July is the addition of our KING sized bed! (Yes I know I already blogged about it but I hadn’t actually shown pictures of it!) I haven’t picked out bedding or decorated but we take baby steps in the McCoy household! But the day that we got the bed our full sized mattress was still in the room so Dylan decided to have some fun…so here is the new furniture and D’s fun! – no this is not a normal thing… :)

IMG_6349 IMG_6344

Hang on tight because I have one more big event but it is going to have it’s own blog because I took a million pictures!

Riding the train to Fort Worth to visit Mimi and go to the Museum of Nature and Science with Ian, Addison, and MIchelle!

Saturday, July 17

Happy Birthday Erin!

We hope you have a fantastic day and Darrin and Reagan are especially nice to you! We can hardly wait another day to see you in St. Louis!! Happy Birthday Erin!Love, the McCoys

Wednesday, July 14

Happy 4th of July (10 days late)

We had a GREAT 4th! As you can tell it was all about keeping D as busy as possible! We went from playground, to baseball, to soccer, then back to playground and finally ended it with fireworks!

IMG_6296 IMG_6300 IMG_6302 baseballIMG_6304 IMG_6308 IMG_6312 IMG_6319 

One of my parent’s best friends, Nancy, always makes the BEST sugar cookies! As kids we always looked forward to Nancy’s sugar cookies and it looks like Dylan will definitely join in the tradition!cookieIMG_6323


I think they were pretending to be taking a nap before the fireworks began…



He isn’t fond of loud noises so the entire show he kept his ears covered! Funny boy!IMG_6331 IMG_6332 IMG_6337