Monday, August 16

The Arch!

On our first full day in St. Louis we headed down to the arch because Dustin and Erin had never been! I’ve been twice when I was a kid but it has been a long time. My Aunt Linda, cousins Breanna and Jessica, and the Snider fam. all joined in the fun!


Dork… :)


Breanna and Dylan were inseparabl… Dylan is showing off his “pod” card.


Jessica and Lance


On their way up!


Looking down at the Mississippi River



Busch Stadium from the arch


If you’ve never been up in the arch, you get up and look out these tiny little windows:


Apparently Dylan was mesmerized…


Again, Dylan not looking…



Cute family :)


“Do you want one knuckle sandwich or two?”




Just a cool pic from the bottom


The whole Snider clan (well not really, just the “whole” Snider clan that went to the Arch this day). there are MANY MANY more.



We walked over to Leclede’s landing for some lunch


Sunday, August 15

Where do I even begin?!?

Well first, I am WAY behind on posting, I have tons of pictures from our trip to St. Louis and the rest of our summer adventures but we've been having SO much fun hanging out with Reagan and Erin that it just hasn't been high up there on the priority list. I do promise to get them up here because we had too much fun to not share the pictures!

Second is that Reagan and Erin are in town and I have LOVED hanging out my sweet sweet niece who loves her aunt "Tisha"!! Love love love her! Also, fun is that I can finally tell the world that Reagan is going to be a big SISTER! Hip hip hooray! I am so excited to be an aunt again and excited for the Snider family! Congrats Brother and Erin! starts tomorrow...I have mixed feelings about this. I'm excited to get back to a routine in our household and excited because it is my 2nd year and I really feel as if I'm going to KNOW so much more! As an alternitively certified teacher, last year was STRESSFUL, literally I had never seen the inside of a classroom! Add TAKS in there and it was a long year, but in the end I got it together and ended on a high note!! So this year I come in KNOWING what I'm getting myself into!

BUT, on the other side of me starting school...that means that Dylan starts pre-school :( He is so excited! We got his clothes laid out, lunch box packed, and Dustin has done a great job at getting him PUMPED UP! I, however, am a little sad because he is getting so BIG! Here are a few Dylan-isms from lately...

- After picking up Dylan from my Mom's house he gets in the car and says... D - "I had fun there." Me - "Oh yea?", D - "I had fun at your Mom's house."

- Eating dinner with Mimi and the Tookers we were discussing what to call our children's "bottom". the McCoys' referred to it as a "bobo" the Snider's we called it bottom or bobo and Dylan chimes in and says... "I call it butt." - so absurdly calm and cool...HILARIOUS! (although: note that he does NOT call it butt! - we call it bottom!

We went to the doctor last week (for a well check) and he weighs 37 lbs. (74th percentile) and is 41' inches tall (84th percentile)! He is finally at that stage that he talks A.L.L.T.H.E.T.I.M.E. all-day-every-day, non-stop... most of the time it's cute and funny, but sometimes...I really just want to play the quiet game. And if you don't respond right away...he-keeps-repeating-himself!!! And then when you do respond...his response is "why?" - Oh but I love what he says...most of the time :) Anyway, hopefully he can restrain from talking at school...we'll find out

Wish us luck at pre-school and for the upcoming school year!

Tuesday, August 10

World Famous Mesquite Championship Rodeo!

Mesquite is not a glamorous town with lots of fun things to do, but we do have one claim to fame…The World Famous Mesquite Rodeo! We used to go all the time when we were kids, so naturally I was excited to take D somewhere that I have so many great memories! I didn’t get a ton of pictures because Dylan refused to look at me, but I think you can tell he had a good time! Make sure you check out his “killer boots” – we actually had to stop on the way to buy him some jeans because he did not have one pair that didn’t look like capris!

The boys in their jeans and boots…


This is the ONE picture he would look at me for, goofy kid!


Refusing to take a normal picture:


Cheering for the barrel racers!





Wordless Wednesday


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