Tuesday, November 30

This and that

I am so behind on blogging but here are a few pictures of what Mr. Man has been up to. I need to blog on College Station, Thanksgiving, and a few loose ends between.

Dylan did not want to take a nap one day, eventually he fell asleep…with his firetruck chair and soccer trophy…


As I was decorating the house for Thanksgiving Dylan decided he needed to help…and they’ve worked on using scissors at school…



Sunday, November 7

Dylan Wayne McCoy

Dear My sweet sweet Dylan,

I know you don’t turn 4 for another 3 weeks but I seriously feel like it is “looming.” Probably due to the fact that you say you are going to be “4 then 5.” And when you are 5 you start school…and…well…I can’t even go there in my mind because I’ll cry myself to sleep. Although, I look forward to the many adventures and exciting things that lay ahead for you, I can’t help but long for the needy little boy you once were. You are so smart and sweet and I pray that you stay that way forever. I look at you with such awe and wish so badly to see the world as you do. Everything is exciting, and everything is “good” – you haven’t had to see the “bad” in the world yet, and I’ll do everything I can do make sure you see as little as possible. You are truly a boy in all sense of the word. Between bringing me pocketfuls of acorns, sticks and rocks, to calling everything a “funny head,” “stinky head,” “insert anything-head” – and EVERYTHING in between, I do LOVE the funny conversations and “Dylan-ism” that everyone around you uses in everyday conversations, but that just means that you are becoming an independent thinker. You are as stubborn as they come and you thrive on an audience! You haven’t quite mastered buttoning you own jeans and it drives you crazy! So much that we spent 15 minutes in the bathroom at the movie theater while you tried your hardest to get them done! When you laugh because I’m making you laugh I’m giddy on the inside thinking about how much you love me!! I love our Mommy-Dylan dates and will cherish them more and more as you get older because you’ll have to make the choice to go on them. I hope that we go on Mommy/Dylan dates forever! You are CREATIVE beyond measure! You can entertain yourself with the most simple of things for LONG periods of time because in your head they aren’t simple, they are named and have a purpose that no one else can see (ex. acorns are called “porchers” and they are used to drill through rocks and sand). You and your Dad are two peas in a pod and I’d give anything to be a fly-on-the-wall when I’m gone to see what the two of you talk about and do. You just finished your 1st season of soccer and you were quite the force to be reckoned with (when you wanted to be)! You scored a goal every game! Your teachers say you are attentive and respectful to your classmates (and for a 3 year old that is almost unheard of)! I know you won’t always be perfect, but neither will I, so I hope no matter what, you just always know that I am doing my best and that I love you beyond words!

I am so proud of you Dylan Wayne McCoy, I hope you always know that.