Sunday, March 28

Lake Highlands Easter Egg Hunt!

This weekend we got to enjoy our first Lake Highlands Estate Neighborhood Association’s annual Easter Egg Hunt! Yay for living in a great neighborhood!! Before the actual hunt Ms. Cookie entered the kiddos with music and magic tricks…oh what a treat (check out how excited Dustin was!) haha But it was fun, and it was at Wallace so it was fun seeing Wallace families outside of the school…literally.


This is Owen, Dylan’s friend from his babysitter’s, they just look like trouble!


Dylan hop-hop-hopping


I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching him interact with other kids!


Crazy Ms. Cookie!


My sweet bunny rabbit!



Waiting anxiously!






Finding the LAST egg! No one thought to look in the tree…except for Pops…Pops hides eggs in weird spots, therefore he know where to look to find those last eggs!


Will got his first Easter egg! and he was very proud!




Dylan showing off his loot!


Back at home, Dylan had to show off his knew swing that Dustin hung!


Will showing off his Easter egg again…isn’t he adorable!!


Honey and Dylan checking out what he got!


I could just eat this little guy up!


I tried for 10 minutes to get him to crack a smile with no luck…but his Momma shows up and this is what I got. It’s ok though, anything else and I would be concerned :) This boy LOVES his Momma!


Will showing off his new trick…SITTING ALL ALONE!


I have MANY more pictures from the weekend, we went to Disney on Ice thanks to Uncle Took, but it could be a while before I post again, because we are in the countdown to TAKS! Late nights ahead…but on a high note…we have a 4 day week, AND only 47 DAYS LEFT UNTIL SUMMER!! WHOO HOO HOO!!

Thursday, March 18

Dallas zoo

We decided to brave the crowds and go to the Dallas Zoo. We made sure to get there early and that was the BEST idea! We got there about 9:30 and were out right about the time the crowds got crazy! The Dallas Zoo isn’t the best zoo but Dylan doesn’t know the difference so we had a great time!



Dylan’s best friend




Dylan was the navigator today with the map, he got us from place to place.



He got to ride the pony, he thought he was such a big boy and he did it “all by himself!”







Such a gorgeous day! Tomorrow is ALREADY Friday!! GRR…Spring Break is FLYING BY!! Oh well…I’m focusing on the time I have left instead of the time that has already passed! Two and a half months left of school and then we have 3 MONTHS OFF!!! WHOO HOO HOO!!

Wednesday, March 17

Spring Break bowling!

Check out that concentration…and that TONGUE! haha


This picture just makes my heart happy :) :) :)


The ball was taking a while to get down there so they decided to take a seat and wait.


Look at that concentration from Honey!


And she got a strike!




My handsome men! Although the hats are for the wrong team, they sure do look cute in them :)



Uncle Wance teaching Dylan to help the ball out by blowing it..



Here is little man in action! He was so funny, he wanted to “do it all himself” and he did! Although several times the ball got stuck and we had to call for some help from the front desk! But I do think the first game he almost beat uncle Wance :)

IMG_5381IMG_5382 IMG_5383 IMG_5384 IMG_5385 IMG_5386 IMG_5387 IMG_5388