Sunday, May 16

Ahhh...I literally can smell it coming...

Yes, I am referring to summer! It seems lately that every where I go I find the amazing smell of honeysuckles. Walking home from the car place...honey suckles; running through our neighborhood...honeysuckles; running around White Rock Lake...honeysuckles; walking back to the car from Watermark's baptism celebration...honeysuckles. It is slightly nerdy, but I have some really fond summer memories and the smell of honeysuckles seems to constantly be in the background. My grandparents always had a TON of them, and my parents still have a few on their back fence. The smell instantly makes me think of summer...and guess what? IN 14 summer officially starts! So here's to you honeysuckles! I can't wait to teach Dylan about the little bitty drop of "honey" that comes out of them, and may he have the same fond memories of honey suckles as I do...because everytime I notice the smell and mention them to someone else...they don't seem nearly as interested and excited to smell them as I do...

Monday, May 3

My sweet man...

So I started to blog the other day and was completely stumped. It was weird...I haven't really blogged for a month...surely there is SOMETHING exciting (other than TAKS) that has been happening in our lives. But has been so laid back around here. But when tucking Dylan in tonight I just couldn't help but feel overcome with the love I have for that little boy. He is growing up way too fast and it breaks my heart a little every time he says, "I'm big, I'll do it myself," but it is fun to watch him grow into such a little boy.

Here are just a few of the things I LOVE about my sweet man...

  • He has such a kind heart, always worried about other people.
  • He rarely even has to be put into time out, most of the time all it takes is threatening it.
  • He didn't EVER get out of his bed until he was almost 3 and a half, and now that he does get out of bed...I secretly love when he climbs in bed with us in the middle of the night.
  • I love that when he wakes us up on weekends, he will lay in our bed for an hour or more until we get up, just laying there...
  • I love that any time we go to the park he makes a friend.
  • He will do anything to put off going to bed, but he absolutely loves reading books in bed with his daddy before going to bed.
  • He is incredibly well behaved despite being 3!
  • When people ask him how old he is, he responds, "almost 4."
  • I'm pretty sure he has his first crush on a girl that goes to his babysitters house, Maya.
  • He finally really remembers things that happened in the past...and will bring them up at really random times.
  • He calls people names like, chicken, chicken-nugget, hamburger, french fry, and other foods you get from fast food restaurants.
  • He thinks that we should stop at every Sonic to get ice cream because Pops gets his ice cream almost every time he picks him up.
  • He now wants us to say "Yes sir" to him because we always prompt him to say it to us.
  • He has to have "two squares" to go to bed, which means he wants covered-up by his comforter, but he also wants covered by his blankie, and blankie has to be silky side up so that he can feel it as he falls asleep.
  • I can talk him into almost anything using reverse psychology.
  • He likes to race, around the block, around our "track" in the backyard...only my child would love running and racing this much...I love it!
  • He loves his Daddy to pieces, but at heart...he's a Momma's boy :)
  • When he asks, "Mommy, will you sweep with me?"
  • I love that he can't say his n's, l's and r's.
  • He is in this funny phase where he is constantly wanting to buy everyone things...he has promised to buy me things such as a new backyard, a new puter (computer), a new cousin, a pretty dress and shoes. And it isn't just me, he has told Dustin, my mom, and Brandi he was going to buy them something new...such a sweetie!

I could seriously go on forever, but I seriously love new things about him every day!

Hope everyone has a great week...22 more actual days of school! Whoop, whoop!

Saturday, May 1

Big D Half Marathon!


My cheering section at mile 4! Thanks for coming out Blair and Whitney! (and of course to my fantastic parents!) I was excited that Dylan got to come cheer me on! I did a run-by kissing with my little man :) It was definitely a morale booster!


At mile 8ish – and still smiling!


Finish line is in sight!! Woo – freaking – Hoo!!


(note the kids with towels in the background – funny)


Runner’s high!


My number #1 fan! – I love his shirt :)


Best cheering section ever!


I ran 1:49:50 and am extremely proud of that time! My goal was 1:53 so I beat my goal by 4 minutes! I actually FELL at mile 6 and had to stop for a sec at mile 9ish because of a killer side-stich (sp?) so I think I would have broken 1:49…but that is okay! Maybe next time…