Sunday, October 31

Halloween – Part 2 – Trick or Treating

I’ve come to the conclusion that dressing up as some superhero is a “right of passing” for all boys. At some point they will be spiderman, superman, ironman, batman, etc. Well, Dylan has passed. I tried to convince him of something creative but lost…but I might add, that of ALL the spiderman…he is probably the cutest. (okay, I know I’m biased)


And…we’re off!





The pictures without the flash just didn’t want to come out…this was the best I got…


Checking out the loot!



Mimi came over to pass out candy while we went out, Dylan enjoyed helping!


Chocolate monster


Oh yes, check out the nose!


This is the candy train that D made…


I asked Dylan why some were sticking out like this and without hesitation…he said, “those are the stations!” …oh…of course!


I had so much fun with my sweet sweet little man today! Happy Halloween to all, and to all a Goodnight!

Halloween – Part 1 – Pumpkin Carving!

Be on the lookout for some of the many faces of this silly little boy!





No makeup, but still love this picture! Especially with Lonna in the background :)





Check out the sweet Rangers “T”



Oh that tongue…


Pop’s came to town…

and Dylan tried to sneak back to Mississippi in his suit case…





So glad you got to come home for a couple of days, we MISS you like crazy!!





Dear Rangers,

I’ve finally been convinced by my Uncle J that Rangers are the best, I need you to win so that you can keep playing in the World Series.

Josh Hamilton’s #1 Fan,


Pumpkin Patch!

We drove up to the Flower Mound pumpkin patch and had a great time! Fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of year so I look forward to the pumpkin patch every year!



Oh how I love this picture!


My cup overflows!







Dylan has loved the Little Einsteins since he was about a year old, he still has to watch them EVERY morning while Dustin and I get ready!


Chillin’ on the way home with his chocolate milkshake!


Tuesday, October 12

Corn dog, lemonade, poppin’ dots, pretzel, sausage on a stick, hot dog…and of course…funnel cake!

So we stuck with what we know at the great State Fair of Texas (no fried butter, fried beer, chicken fried bacon, etc.) but we still managed to have a great time! Dylan had never been before and Dustin and I had never been together! It was CrAzY crowded but by watching the dog show, going for a ride on the ferris wheel, and sitting down for many-a-snack we had fun!



I’m pretty sure that K-12th grade I went to the fair every year, yet, I HAD NEVER BEEN ON THE FERRIS WHEEL BEFORE! I’m not sure how that is even possible, but it is true. So we decided it was time!


Dylan just kept looking up at it! haha, I knew he would do okay though! He’s a little fearless like his Mom!


Waiting in line!


Ready to do this!


“Wow that is high!”


We are on! And for some reason I didn’t get that many great pics actually on the ride!!



Nice view of downtown…




After the ferris wheel we went to meet Big Tex!


Dylan was pictured out so this was the best we got :)


Dustin’s favorite part of the fair (other than the food) is the car exhibit! Dylan LOVED getting in and pretending to drive, he kept saying we were going to CD (who knows where this came from!)



Silly boys!


The high-light of Dylan’s day was his first taste of “poppin’ dots” – AKA dippin’ dots!


Waiting for the light show we got another lemonade and it was not a hit…it was actually fresh lemonade, apparently, these 2 would prefer the powdered stuff…


Sweet silly bands!


We stayed around for the light show and then headed home! Dylan was B.E.A.T. – that is a lot of walking for a little guy, but he was a trooper!


After the free ride on my shoulders, we were SO ready to get to the car…so we skipped!


We had a FANTASTIC day! I can’t wait to do it every year and make some fun fair memories with my family!