Monday, August 29


I’m on a blogging-role. I was going through pictures of Dylan when he was about 2 months old and I realized that these two look a lot more alike than I realized. M has much darker skin and hair, and D had/has a bigger head but other than that I like they look remarkably similar. What do you think?



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Extended summer

This has been the most life changing summer of my life! It has been more wonderful than I ever could have imagined and it is slipping away much faster than I want it to! (school technically started a week ago, but I'm enjoying my extended summer). I've always liked the idea of being a stay-at-home Mom but never thought that in reality it would be for me. I get cabin fever quickly! I need out of the house often and therefore, didn't think being at home with my kids would be something I'd like for longer than a summer. I also like having grown-up conversations. Dylan is truly my buddy, I love his creativity and grown up conversations. And Miles is such a snuggle bug!! I could talk to him and listen to his coos and watch that gummy smile all day long. Hanging out with my boys, being creative, and mostly just taking time to enjoy things I normally wouldn't has been more rewarding and exciting than I imagined.

I go back to work on Monday, to a new group of kiddos whom I've heard fantastic things about, but part of me longs for more time with these boys! They are only little for such a short amount of time and I want to soak up every second! It isn't in the cards for me and that is okay. I love my job, I love the new possibilities it brings with every new group, and the challenge of pushing and pulling these kids to places they don't think (or don't want) to go. I love seeing former students at the grocery store and knowing that I made a difference. I love feeling like a rock star in Lake Highlands - I cannot go ANYWHERE without seeing students or parents! I love using my creative juices to make science fun and intriguing, and most importantly meaningful, but I think, like many working Moms, our hearts are with our kids. Our biological kids. I'm very lucky to have a job that allows me to be at home with my kids earlier than a normal 8-5, and I'm off for longer stretches during the holidays, no travel or weekends (well maybe a few weekends here and there). So, I am truly grateful for where I am and I know that I'm where I'm supposed to be, but Monday will be a hard day (along with Tuesday, Weds., etc...) and I'll fall back in love with teaching but this summer has made me more in love with my boys than I ever thought imaginable.

So to the summer of top the list so far.

Miles 2 Months stats!

I can't believe it, baby boy is 2 months old today! We went to the doctor this morning and he weighed in at exactly 12 lbs. (75th percentile), which is what Dustin and I had predicted! He has grown 3 inches! He is now at 23 1/4 (70 percentile), but he has a pee-wee head at 15 1/4 (30th percentile!) He for sure does not have the signature melon that the rest of us Snider posses :)

Saved the best for last :)))

Happy Birthday Brandi!

We hope you have a fantastic birthday! Thank you for being an amazing Aunt to my boys! We love you!

Friday, August 26

Newborn pictures

Miles is 8 weeks old and I still haven't posted his ADORABLE newborn pictures!! I LOVE Bella Jewel Photography! She did an amazing job capturing my boys :) For this post I'll let Miles shine but his brother tried really hard to outshine him! haha

Stationery card

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Sunday, August 7

Phone picture dump

I follow this great blog and every Friday she does a phone picture dump! I love this idea so today I'm stealing it! (I would love to commit to a specific day every week to do this, but know that there is no way I'll do it every week...

Look at that great belly...
My sweet boy at the Ranger gameAt Chuck E. Cheese with Brandi and Will (forgot my good camera)Lonna taking Dylan for a walk...Aren't these two adorable!!! Love them!!
Dylan and another one of us planks...

Saturday, August 6

This and that


That is a great description of what our summer has been like. With Miles being so small we couldn’t make our regular summer trip to visit my extended family in Illinois and clearly a big vacation was out of the question so we have done a lot of “this and that.”

Lots of tummy time with Miles…IMG_2339 IMG_2341

Thanks to uncle Lance planking is a new favorite past time.IMG_2346Miles does A LOT of this still…IMG_2353

Two weekends ago we were very excited that our friends from DBU Jacob and Leslie and their two adorable kids, Jace and Brenley, came to visit and meet little Miles. We had a great time relaxing and swimming!IMG_2418 IMG_2410  IMG_2413 These pictures are horribly out of order…but after I had Miles, Honey found a vacation Bible school for Dylan to attend and he had a blast!! Thank you Honey for picking him up and taking him everyday! You’re the best!!VBS4VBS 2 Dylan has become the most creative little guy!! He REALLY enjoys playing with the G2s! Atleast 2 or 3 times a day he will take them all out of the pantry (along with the Spiderman fruit snacks, apple juice, and applesauce), and he plays with them. On this day the green G2 and the blue G2 were the bad guys…IMG_2461 Here he is explaining to me what he is playing…but he will play with them forever!!IMG_2460Dylan has started doing his “chores” one of them includes feeding Lonna…IMG_2465 Miles chills on his playmat a lot, he really enjoys looking at that monkey and when he’s really excited he wiggles and attempts to swat at it :)IMG_2463    One day last week James and Elise came over and did some sword fighting! He LOVES playing with his favorite neighbors!IMG_2467

Sadly enough we only have one more week of summer before school starts back :( :( :((( but luckily I am only going back for the first week and then taking 2 more off!! Woo hoo!!

Wednesday, August 3

Conversations with a 4 year old

I am WAY behind on blogging but before I forget these funny stories I want to get them down!

Over the summer I've had many many funny conversations with Dylan but these 3 seem to stick out as funny or clever!

- After spending a week at vacation Bible school (one of the things I need to blog about) we had many conversations regarding God and Jesus and their love for us. However one day Dylan says, "I remember when dinosaurs were here, but Jesus saved us from the dinosaurs." I respond, " well the dinosaurs were here a very very long time ago, but I guess God didn't want them to hurt us so he got rid of them." haha

- We've been working here and there on lower case letters and the letter sounds, we got to A and I said "A says ah" and Dylan's response was so funny, he said, "it sounds like A is scared AAHHH!" haha I would have never thought that but I'll never forget it!

- Dylan is a big fan of Josh Hamilton and one day while eating lunch he said, "I wonder what Josh Hamilton is doing right now?" I said, "I don't know probably eating lunch too." He said "probably not, I bet he's sitting in the dugout waiting for the game to start." - random :)

I have SO many more but am not great at remembering them all, that is why I have to type them out before I forget!! Oh how I am going to miss him when we have to go back to school :(