Sunday, November 6

The State Fair of Texas

We had planned on going as a family to the fair, but due to the sickness mentioned in the past post, Dustin was down (Dylan was good for the fair but ended up getting it eventually, as did Mimi) and I was finally feeling better. So Dylan and I had a Mommy-Dylan date! We had a blast! Dylan would have ridden all of the rides (or so he thinks) but the fair is so expensive!! I now understand why my Dad was never a fan of it! haha

We hit up the Midway first, and Dylan was very excited to go through his first fun house!

IMG_2660 IMG_2662 IMG_2663 

He remembered the bumper cars that he went on at the “world’s fair” when he went to Bethalto with my parents, so when we saw them he had to ride!

IMG_2664 IMG_2666 

They had studied Cowboys the previous week at school so Dylan was pumped to see Big Tex. In the book they read it talked about how Big Tex could talk. So Dylan stood at the bottom screaming up at Big Tex because he thought he could talk to him. The group of high school girls standing there thought he was super cute :)

IMG_2667 IMG_2670 IMG_2671 

Pumped to be sitting in “King” from CarsIMG_2672 IMG_2675 

The Transformers Car (you can’t see the logo because Dylan is blocking it)IMG_2676 

We didn’t eat anything too unusual, Dylan is a pretty good eater but not enough to try anything too out of the ordinary! IMG_2678 

The children’s zoo…

IMG_2680 IMG_2682 IMG_2684 IMG_2689 IMG_2691 


Pretending to be a farmer…


Picking apples…


Milking the cow…


Planting corn…


And driving the tractor…


He took his farming responsibilities very serious!

We had a blast, but hope that we’ll all be healthy to go next year!