Friday, December 30

Dumb blue jacket!

You have to know a little history about this first...

My parents did almost a complete re-model of their house and lost a ton of storage closets. So to prepare my Mom got rid of a TON of stuff! One of the things in the Goodwill pile was this navy blue jacket that my Dad has had for years!! He threw a fit about getting rid of it, but she got rid of it anyway...atleast so he thought :)

While we were in Bethalto for Thanksgiving I heard him mention that dumb blue jacket 2 or 3 times but we all kept mum! Watch and see...

6 month and 5 year stats

I was off on my prediction! Miles was smaller than I thought - still a big boy, but smaller than I thought!

27 3/4 inches - 92%! Long boy!
18.1 lbs. - 76% (shrimp) :)
38% for head circumference

Dylan's 5 year stats:
44 inches tall - 70%
43.6lbs. - 67%
and the stop doing head circumference but I'm sure his is over average :)


Thursday, December 29

Northpark Trains!

This is our 3rd year to make it to see the Northpark Trains and every year Dylan gets more and more excited about them! We were really excited to see the trains with Will!! Will is REALLY into trains at the moment so this was going to be super exciting for him!
Sweet Miles chillin' in the stroller! He was such a good boy!

Dylan and Will waiting for story time with Santa! (they sat there for 5 minutes and didn't seem that excited so we actually didn't stick around)

Dustin and Kevin snuck off to Brookstone

Waiting in line

Talk to the hand Mom.

Such a cutie! He was LOVING IT!

He escaped the stroller for a little while!

Quick catch up!

  Just some random pictures taken here and there!

First time trying baby food...gross!! A mixture of snot, drool, and peas!
Dylan in his underwear and Will playing with the Cars racetrack
 Such a happy boy!
 GONE! haha
 This was a first for baby boy! He is NOT one to fall asleep in the floor! He LOVES his bead!
 Later in the day was when the crazy bouncy seat moves officially started, he realized he can sit in it and soon thereafter he realized he can flip over and then scoot out! Funny boy!

 Heart that laugh

Green bean grabber!


 Yes, I'm just now getting to the big 5 year old birthday party!! It was so much fun and Dylan had all his best friends there to celebrate!!
Running around with all his friend before the instructions video
Watching intently

 The McCoy fam watching wild man Will jump! :) He had a blast!
 There he is...
 Our favorite neighbors, James and Elise
 Dylan has lots of great friends, but Zachary is definitely his "best friend"

 Miles even got some jumping in and LOVED it!

 The whole gang (notice I even got one of his sweet girl friends to hold Miles, she was pumped!!)

 Pizza time with James and Owen!
 Sophia and Kylin
 The party wouldn't have been complete without his best "girl" friend Jordan! Isn't she adorable!??

 Honey and Mimi with their favorite youngest grandson ;)

Miles was pooped after all that jumping!
Uncle J giving D his birthday spankings!

We had a blast celebrating my sweet boys 5th birthday! I still am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that he is, in fact, 5 and will go to kindergarten next year but yet, I'm also excited to see what this next year will bring!