Tuesday, January 25

Not necessarily a blog-cation...

...but close enough I guess. I do check other peoples' blogs, but just haven't felt extremely inspired to do one of my own. It has been a fairly uneventful January. One exciting thing, but I'll have to hold off on the details until they have fully come out :) I know...that is horrible to do! We've just been busy with the usual things, work, school, and Dylan.

Dustin and I did celebrate our 5 year anniversary on the 21st and that is a pretty big deal! It is crazy to think that in 5 years we got married, moved to Conroe, found out we were pregnant, Dustin switched jobs, moved to Oklahoma City, had Dylan , Dustin switched jobs, I went back to work, then quit working to finish school, graduated school, Dustin switched jobs, I got my first teaching job, moved back to Dallas, bought a house, made it through my first stressful year of teaching, found out we were pregnant again...whew...

I can only imagine where we will be in another 5 years! Looking back it boggles my mind, it wasn't easy, but we are definitely stronger because of all we went through from day one! That being said...I sure hope there aren't quite as many changes in those 5 years! Of course, we'll have another little one (we find out next week what we're having!!!) - but between moving and job changes, and school...for our sanity we need some calmer years! I'll post about the celebration activities at a later date!

Here are a few really cute pictures of my sweet boys from this past Sunday, I got Dylan dressed for church and then came in and Dustin was wearing the exact same thing! So, of course, we needed a picture!

Monday, January 3

Christmas with the Sniders


We did Christmas this year with my side of the family on Christmas day. We started off with gifts and Dylan got MORE presents! I’ve started hiding certain presents until this summer because he got SO.MANY.THINGS. – it’s really silly.

D got this really cool, tricked-out, remote controlled Lightening McQueen!


Honey and Pops gave him this Cowboy’s puzzle, and one of my favorite things he got is a ZOO PASS!! We are so pumped that we can go anytime and it’s free!! Even parking is free!!! 


Dylan picked out this book all on his own (Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorites, but Dustin swears he didn’t help at all!) They are so sweet!


The Sniders have a tradition that the boys get matching boxers every Christmas (the girls get pjs) and every year they have to put them on right away, over their clothes. They are so silly, Dylan got to join in the fun because he is finally big enough!



Reagan got a cute suitcase (very fitting since she is quite the world traveler (they are moving to the Dominican Republic later this year!) and Dylan decided to try to see if he could fit inside.


Reagan’s present from us was a tricycle and helmet! I have been so excited to give it to her! And she LOVED it!


The kiddos waiting on uncle Darrin to put the tricycle together…


Since D got a bicycle and Reagan got a tricycle we all bundled up for a chilly bike ride!





Afterwards, they warmed up together in Honey’s chair!


Enough pictures!!


Honey and Pops with their Grandkids! It is crazy to think they will have TWO more next year!!


I am finally caught up! Woo hoo! Just in time for school to start back up…wah wah…

Let the countdown begin for Baby Snider to make his appearance!!!!!!!!!! 4 weeks! (and about 4 weeks until we find out what we are having!!!)

Sunday, January 2

Santa Came!!

This year Santa really went a little crazy with Dylan…I guess because “santa” doesn’t really buy him anything throughout the year :) and he’s such a good boy (yes, I’m justifying “Santa’s” actions!)

When Dylan went to tell Santa what he wanted, he told him that he was going to leave him bacon to eat…so that is exactly what he did! Funny boy!

2010-12-28 001 2010-12-24 118[3]

All the goods…



He came and woke us up instead of just running straight in there to see what Santa brought him, he was waiting on us to get ready (I of course had to grab the camera) – can you tell he was excited!?


Compete shock on that face! So sweet!



Ready to check out the loot!



He was so excited about this Toy Story and Lightening McQueen cups! It’s the simple things in life when you’re 4!






Checking out the stocking stuffers!



When he pulled out 3 pairs of underwear, he thought it was pretty comical that Santa would bring him underwear! haha


His racecar watch that he had talked non-stop about for weeks!






This is a fun game that is kind of like Twiswer, but it is Dr. Seuss and learning letters, quite a funny picture!


Honey, Pops, and Lance had to come over a little later to check out the goods that Santa brought!


Christmas with the McCoys!

We celebrated Christmas with the McCoy family on Christmas Eve this year and it was so much fun! We had it at our house (for some reason I didn’t take a single picture of my decorations…Brandi did check out her blog here.) At our house we have an entire room with NOTHING in it (yes we’ve lived here a year and we have a room with not one single piece of furniture) but it makes for a great room to test out new toys in! Dylan isn’t going to know what to do when we finally figure out what we want to do with that room! So the boys enjoyed playing with their new toys in there, which leaves the living room for the adults :) Once again, we all went crazy on gifts for one another (especially these two…)


Aren’t those the sweetest faces?!?

Dylan went first since he definitely isn’t the most patient at this age…


Mimi made Dylan the coolest cape!


Super Dylan!!

The back even has the “super Dylan” emblem :)


Also from Mimi and Lindsey is this AWESOME table!!! Lindsey hand-painted the ENTIRE thing!! Each chair has it’s own super hero (Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and Super Dylan) Dylan LOVES his very own table!!


This is my new favorite face of Dylan’s – he made it when seeing the table for the first time! So funny!



Will also liked the table and chairs that were just his size.



Will is the most easily entertained little guy, while everyone else was unwrapping gifts, we look over and he was chillin’ in the box, haha, funny boy!


Lindsey and I both got TOMS from our twins – I’m serious that I don’t think they knew that they were both getting us the same gift…they still think alike, and apparently they date girls who like similar things…weird.


Next year there will be another little McCoy in this picture! Woo Hoo!

2010-12-28 001 2010-12-24 023[3]

I hope you all had a VERY Merry Christmas!!

2010-12-28 001 2010-12-24 024[3]