Thursday, February 24

Sweetest kid ever :)

One day last week Dustin was tucking Dylan into bed, he had read several books, said their prayers and that spawned the conversation of how Honey is my mommy, Pops is my daddy and Mimi is Dustin's mommy. Even though we've had this conversation a dozen or more times this time Dylan said "No, you don't even live with her." - logical enough, we are his parents and he lives with us, so how could that be possible. So Dustin told him that when he was little he lived with Mimi, but that when he got older he grew up, got married, and now he has his own family, and that one day he would also grow up and move out of our house, get married, and have his own family. Suddenly Dylan starts to make his "I'm NOT going to cry face." Dustin was confused. He asked why he was sad. Dylan responded "I'm going to miss you!!" Dustin immediately made the decision that he would never move out :).

About this time I came in and he was inconsolable, I mean sobbing, Dustin told me why he was crying. I melted and immediately consented to let him live with us forever. I know it will be short lived but I'm going to soak up him being so sweet while I can, I know it won't last forever.

Here are some adorable pictures of him and his adorable Dad shaving for the first time. Mimi got him this awesome Lightening McQueen shaving kit and he loves it (he wants to shave everyday!) He takes it so seriously :)

IMG_1148 IMG_1151 IMG_1152 IMG_1154 IMG_1156 IMG_1158 IMG_1161 IMG_1163 IMG_1164IMG_1155

Love them!!

Thursday, February 17

Dinner date…

The other night Dustin had gone to run with his running group which left Dylan and I to dinner on our own. We got wild and crazy with some pizza (one of Dylan’s favs. of course) and as I’m warming it up he announces he has some friends eating with us. Really. Out of no where we had lots of dinner guests. They were all “sitting” in their correct spots with only one seat left for me.

Check out our packed dinner table…

Check out everyone in their designated location…IMG_1132Meet HiccupIMG_1134 

Toothless (A.K.A. Night Fury)IMG_1135 Terrible Nighmare (I’m not positive that is his name)IMG_1136 GobberIMG_1137 And Woody snuck in there with the cast of How to Train your Dragon


He knew that he was being really cute :) IMG_1139 IMG_1142

Every day he does or says something that is showing his amazing creativity! Today he came home with a pocket full of rocks (a usual thing) but today instead of insisting it was gold, he told me it was a game. He called it checkers, but instead of having a board, you “rolled” your rocks and you had to ask to roll, and everyone wins! Sounds like a good game to me! I am so enjoying his fantastic creativity!!

Thursday, February 10

Grayson Paul Snider!

Grayson Paul Snider made his way into this world today! He is beautiful!! 6lbs. 12 oz. and 21 inches long. Mommy and baby are doing great and labor delivery went well! I'll have more pics, I forgot my good camera so all I have other than this (thanks Meagan) are pics on my phone and those are never as cute!

Tuesday, February 8

It’s a…

As you know from previous post, our last appointment to find out what Baby McCoy was got canceled because of this crazy weather. So on Monday (our first day back after our impromptu “winter break” a couple of things went wrong…(1) I COULD NOT SLEEP…not. a. wink. So at about 4am I decided there was no idea I could go to school and teach with that little sleep, and (2) Dylan had been sick on and off the weekend, and I couldn’t in good conscious send him to school. So begrudgingly I put in for a sub at 4am. That next morning I caught up on some sleep, called D’s doctor, and then called my doctor. Made 2 doctor’s appointments and off we went. Dylan ended up having a weak strain of the flu so we couldn’t take Dylan to the doctor with all these pregnant women so that meant Dustin couldn’t go either.

So at the sonogram the sonographer wrote down the sex of baby McCoy and sealed it in an envelope. That meant from about 2 until 6:30 this green envelope stared at me.

We spread the news quickly and most everyone was able to meet at our house for the “sex party” (I know sounds dirty) – haha. It was soo much fun finding out with our family there!! Pops and uncle J were on speaker phone to be in on the news!

Here is everyone on “team boy”IMG_1110

Here is “team girl” IMG_1114

We let Dylan have the honor of opening the envelope…and with all the anticipation of waiting all day I didn’t think he would EVER get that thing open!!! IMG_1119 

Still working on it…IMG_1120Almost there… (Brandi has J on speaker phone) haha… IMG_1125 and…IMG_1131

YAY!!!baby boy McCoy  Getting Dylan’s reaction. He was excited but almost immediately was ready to eat some pizza and hang out with his 2 adorable cousins!IMG_1127

My sweet family of almost 4!!IMG_1129 

Miles David we can hardly wait for your arrival in July (or earlier if you prefer). You have the best big brother anyone could ever ask for and we already love you like crazy!!

And speaking of arrivals…Baby Snider makes his entrance in to the world (weather permitting) and we are so excited!!!!!! You and baby boy McCoy will be the best of friend and I am so excited that you will be so close in age!!!!

Saturday, February 5

Day 2

Well, we were able to get out of the house today so we aren't near as cabin feverish. But for day 2 of things I love is my house. I love my house. With it's imperfections, and incompleteness, and all. This is the first house we've ever bought, and as it has come together I love it. We still have an entire room that has nothing in it. Nothing. I have a plan in my head but until I feel that we are really ready to do it, it just sits empty. It is a great room to play it. Dylan and I have had a many Nerf gun fights in there, and in these cold months it gives Dylan a place to ride his bike, ha! I love the old parquet flooring, and it's old house charm. It has established trees in the front and back, and it is in a fantastic neighborhood! When moving back to Dallas I couldn't imagine living "far-out" We looked in the "burbs" but with the location of Dustin's job it didn't make sense to move too far-out. We love being so close to our families and anything else we would like to go do is within 15 minutes. It isn't a perfect house, but I love it.

Friday, February 4

Complete boredom...

If you haven't noticed, I've blogged three times this week. That is a lot for me. Being trapped inside really gives me PLENTY of time to blog.

So in honor of February (the month of love) I've decided to jump on the bandwagon of "love." Valentine's day isn't usually something that Dustin and I do "big" due to the fact that our anniversary is at the end of January and my birthday is the beginning of March. So for the rest of February my goal is to name one thing I love everyday.

So today I'll start with one of my serious vices. Coffee.

I love it. The taste. It's warmth. Different flavors. The comfort. Even the way the cup feels when holding. It doesn't really matter if it is 104 degrees outside, I can't seem to start my day without a cup. I'm not spoiled, I don't need a $5.00 latte, just simple Folgers or Maxwell House. Add some creamer (no sugar) and I'm in heaven. I'll usually make it halfway through a cup and refresh it to keep it warm. Even my kids at school that I need that cup in-order to start my day. It really is one of my simple pleasures in life. This week being that the temperatures didn't get above 23 I enjoyed lots of coffee (I made it a little weaker than normal) to account for the fact that being pregnant my daily allowance of caffeine is around 300 mg.

So there you have it, one thing I love is my simple cup of morning coffee.


Well...because of the fact that we woke up with 6 inches of snow on the ground the doctor's office closed today. Bummer. Big bummer really. I tossed and turned all night, had 2 dreams about it and then I open my eyes to snow. Any other day I would have been pumped about the snow, but not today. Oh well, they'll call on Monday and reschedule, but it is still a bummer.

Oh-in BOTH dreams our little "it" was a boy :) Either way I'm happy boy or girl. As long as "it" is healthy, then I'm happy!! I'm just we wait...and I am not good at waiting...

So I'll leave you with some pictures of this crazy weather we are having...

I just thought the swing was funny with all the snow on it!

Thursday, February 3


On this 3rd day of the icecolypse of 2011 baby "M" has been so active! I think it is because we get to find out what he/she is tomorrow!! WOO HOO!!! Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, February 1

Snow Days activities

Well, it looks as if we have another day off tomorrow. We enjoyed our day today, but hopefully tomorrow will be the last and we'll return on Friday. As a teacher we view snow days very differently than the kids! Although it is nice to have a random day off to relax, long term, it isn't fun. We have to make these days off! Likely the days will be on Good Friday and at the end of June. Well, as a Christian, Good Friday is kind of a big deal, and the other day will be at the end of June. By the end of June I will be 8 months pregnant and every day will draaaag on, and to add an extra day will be torture. So regardless, we made the best of today, and we will do the same tomorrow.

We watched Cars, played with cars, built a race track, made homemade playdoh, played with play doh, made 3 yummy meals, (then cleaned up afterwards), Dustin and Dylan suited up to go outside, went outside for 5 minutes then realized that there was no snow and came back in...those are the real highlights, pretty uneventful really...