Tuesday, May 31

Ready or not...

He's coming...and I am READY! This pregnancy flew by up until about the past month. I think it is because I am SO anxious for school to be out, and I have barely prepared. It is true, the 1st time around you read every book, have the room ready months in advance, pack your bags the second you start to show...this time around, nothing. I do have lots of things ready for his room but nothing is on the wall, I've not picked up "What to Expect When Your Expecting," and bags...what bags? School is officially out for the summer Friday and I have plans to spend the entire weekend getting this in order and in place just in case he decides to save me the torture of the next 6 weeks.

With Dylan I worked as a temp. sitting at a desk and answered phones, easy-schmeezy. This time around I am on my feet all. day. long. and it wears me out! With Dylan I could come home and chill. This time around I'm entertaining Dylan, cooking dinner (yes, I cooked 1st time but with it only being the 2 of us, I could get by with sandwiches or cereal for dinner), grading, planning, etc. So this time around is just different. I haven't had time to read and prepare. But come Friday...it's time!

So pray that these next 3 days go by fast, because I am ready to have some good quality time with my 1st born and to prepare for my 2nd! CRAZY! I am going to have 2 kids!! As in plural. Children.

So, to my 2nd child. Don't ever think I don't love you as much because I didn't read every book, etc. But trust me (I'm a 2nd child myself), even before you are born, you are competing for time and energy from your parents. I kid. My parents did a great job making all of us feel special :) You are already my sweet Miles David and I can seriously hardly wait for you to be here!!! I wonder all the time what your unique little personality will be like. Will you be like your brother? or completely your own person? Lord knows he loves you already! He talks to you, kisses you, and asks TONS of questions about you, and does this strange little hug - I'll let your Uncle Lance show you one day what that is. The sonographer says you don't have much hair, but will you look anything like your older brother? (He's pretty cute so that is fine by me), but I know that you have good genes so whatever you look like you'll be handsome! I'll cry when you are born because I'm a crier, will you be like me, or more like your Dad who cries just not at the drop of a hat. Will you be Mr. Independent? I know I've always been and your Dad is, and Dylan is too, so likely you will be too, which will put your in time-out sometimes :), I love you Miles!

Now I'm just rambling and it's almost 11pm...late for me. Off to bed so I can be up in 2 hours, and then 2 hours after that, and then...you get the point.

Saturday, May 14

Playing in the sprinklings – round 2

I took a ton of pictures last year of Dylan playing in the sprinkler (Playing in the sprinklings) and I still love them, so the other night I got the camera out to capture once again the pure joy that he exudes while playing in water. See for yourself…

IMG_1696 IMG_1697 IMG_1698 IMG_1700 IMG_1703 IMG_1707 IMG_1712 IMG_1719 IMG_1728

Happy Mothers Day

I know it is a week late but I definitely want to make sure to show  my appreciation for my sweet Momma! I love you more than you know!! As I’ve grown up I am all the more appreciative of all the hard work she has always done for us! As a kid you don’t realize how hard it is to raise a family, work full-time, run to practices, cook dinner, clean house, the list goes on-and-on. Clearly, I now know how hard that all is, and so I’m soo appreciative of all the sacrifices she’s made for me over the years. Love you Momma Sue!IMG_1678

I also have a fantastic Mother-in-law who is always making sure  we are taken care of! So I am super appreciative of her as well! For some reason at our lunch we didn’t take any pictures with all the Moms! But thank you Liz for all you do!

And of course there is this…IMG_1683

The reason I’m a Mom! I love this little boy more than words can express. Really, I’ve typed the words to express my love but they don’t seem enough. I love you Dylan Wayne and I can’t hardly wait to add another sweet little boy to our family.

Sunday, May 1

Celebrating our RISEN King!

Easter Sunday this year was just perfect! We got up, ate our FAVORITE cinnamon strusel muffins, and headed to church. Watermark had a great point that it is a shame that we seem to only celebrate our risen savior on Easter, when really that is something to celebrate all year round! It was a great service! Then we had some much needed family time!! We just hung out the 3 of us until later when Honey came over to eat chicken ka-bobs! We didn't do an egg hunt, I really feel that Easter should be about Christ and not some strange bunny that leaves eggs (I should do some research on how that tradition got started because I see no correlation). Anyway, Dylan did get an Easter basket with a few things and some candy.

My handsome boys after church!Here I am at 29 weeks prego with sweet Miles! I'm posting this a week late though so we officially only have 10 weeks to go! Eeek!! I have done NOTHING in the way of preparation!!

Future heartbreaker for sure!