Monday, June 27


Since going to the doctor and scheduling the induction I've gone through a mix tape of emotions (and I KNOW its not over). I am an emotional person. Sometimes it is an unfortunate thing, but it is true. I started with being relieved that the end is near!! In case you haven't seen me, I'm enormous. It is HOT, and did I mention I'm really pregnant? Get. Him. Out. but then...

it was worry. (which, as I've said before - I don't do often), but worry because Dustin has been sick for 2 days and I need him well, and worry about going from 1 to 2, and worry about how Dylan is going to react to having a sibling to share attention with...but I know we'll be fine. There will be an adjustment period but I can remember being just as worried (if not more) before having Dylan. We are sooo good at being the 3 of us :) but even better at being 4.

Then I spoke to Dylan on the phone and could hardly choke out the words "Miles is finally coming on Wednesday, you'll be a big brother on Wednesday." - I was a teary mess and hung up officially in tears. Not sure why, I get emotional easy (esp. with the crazy pregnancy hormones). partly because, he is going to be a great big brother. He has already told me all the things he is going to help with (including changing diapers), and he is going to watch over him like a hawk, he is going to be sweet and helpful and great. I think a part of me was crying because I also know that there will be times when this is a hard transition for him. And as his Momma I don't like when things arehard for him. But, he has his these "bratty" moments when I find myself thinking, he needed a brother a year ago! So, I know that he NEEDS a brother! I need mine, so he will no doubt, need his! Regardless, there will come a time when I can't give him the attention he is used to and it will be hard for him, but he needs to learn to share ;) Because he is older he knows well what "normal" is, and his "normal" is about to be turned upside down, but in the end this change will be a good thing! (I have a feeling this could be my mantra for the next couple of months/years).

Then I think about my sweet Miles and how I cannot wait to meet him and it makes all the other emotions worth it. I know that it is going to be hard, but I look at Dylan now and how fun he is and I look where we've come and what we've gone through to get here and regardless of what people say - "going from 1 to 2 is hard," - we have SO much more help this time around and we are in a better place on sooo many levels that, yes, it'll be hard, but I know that in a few months or years I'll look back on this post and laugh because all my worrying was for nothing.

So...bring it on! Bring on the change. Tear us out of our comfort zone because Miles we are ready to love you!

Rangers game!

Sunday we acquired 4 free tickets from Dustin’s cousin Austin (thank you thank you!) to the Rangers game, and we’ve been wanting to take Dylan so we decided to take the opportunity! We were prepared for the heat but we not prepared to be in the SHADE! It was 95 degrees but the shade made it pretty enjoyable! We didn’t stay real long but 9 innings would have been too long for this prego Momma and Dylan would have lost interest too!

Honey has been dying to take Dylan so she gladly came along as well!!

Rangers game 3

I find it amusing that despite Dustin’s LOVE for hot dogs, Dylan LOVES hamburgers. He got this hamburger and had to make sure to tell his daddy that it was much better than a hot dog :) funny boy :)

Rangers game 4 

You get LOTS of comments, smiles, and looks when you go to a Ranger game when you’re this pregnant! I’m sure they thought I was crazy but I got a “Whoa Baby!” from one lady as she was entering the restroom and I was walking out, haha! Rangers game 1

Rangers game

AND SPEAKING OF BEING 9 MONTHS PREGO…We are having this baby on WEDS!!! (or hopefully before!) I just left the doctor and I think she could sense my discomfort at this point (and she probably has 4th of July plans with her own family) and she just asked, “when are you ready to have this baby?” – my response…”now!” So if he doesn’t come before Weds. morning I broke down and scheduled to be induced!

I’ve always been anti-induction, just because I hear soooo many horror stories of 24+ hours of labor! But at this point I am sooo big and it is so hot that I gave in an scheduled an induction! It is such a relief to know that if nothing happens between now and then, that there is an end! So Miles, we are SOO excited to see your sweet face and meet you!!!!!

Thursday, June 23

Miles’ Room!!!

Well…it is FINALLY DONE! At least until he gets here!  I absolutely LOVE the way it all came together! For the longest time I had the hardest getting started, I had tons of stuff to go on the walls, but I just couldn’t put it on the walls. Finally I called  Ginni and she helped me get going and I am so thankful!! It would not have turned out so cute had she not!!! -really, I just want to give credit where the true credit is due!!

Dylan’s nursery was cute, but it just wasn’t very creative, this time around the only thing that was bought together was the bedding. Everything else came in pieces and I seriously LOVE it!


These are my favorite part of the room! I love the song!IMG_2073

Mimi made the curtains and changed the valance that I bought to be even cuter than when they started, where the orange was it was green originally. I SO appreciate all the work Mimi! They turned out fantastic!!


This time around we are using the changing table and I am so glad (I am not sure why we didn’t use it with Dylan)IMG_2086


Notice the Toy Story pillow that Dylan had to add…we’ve been talking a lot lately about being “givers” – so he decided to give the pillow to Miles, such a sweet big brother!IMG_2087 

Now…all I need is Miles!!! I do have plans to put a framed birth announcement and a wrapped canvas of Miles’ newborn picture on both sides of the window, but clearly I can’t do that until he’s here…SOO I need him to get here!!

Summer Days

During the day Dylan and I have to find creative ways to entertain ourselves. The best way…water! Our poor dog (yes, she doesn’t make the blog frequently, but we have a VERY sweet black lab named Lonna), anyway, she LOVES water. Like most labs she loves to swim, but her love for water goes beyond a pond or pool, she loves to be sprayed by water too. Dylan also LOVES water! So it works great for everyone! Dylan uses the sprayer to spray Lonna (which also waters the grass – added bonus!)

So almost every morning we go outside to water…the dog, and the grass. Dylan ends up soaked and I get to sit and watch the fun! It really works for everyone!

IMG_2002 IMG_2005

D showing off his muscles after being soaked :)IMG_2011  IMG_2012

Another morning after “watering”IMG_2024 

This is his “sword” that we painted! It was an old material roll!IMG_2027

I am so enjoying hanging out with this sweet boy during the day! I enjoy his creativity SO much!

Tuesday, June 21

Dallas Zoo!

We took Dylan and Will to the zoo a few weeks back and had SO much fun! These 2 are adorable together!


Will cracks me up because anything his cousin does, he thinks he can do also! And most of the time he manages to find a way!IMG_1930 

We had never been into the reptile house to see the albino crocodile…he was pretty cool!IMG_1931  IMG_1935 IMG_1938 IMG_1941 

These two will find ways to get into lots of trouble of the years, but they are so sweet right now :)IMG_1948 

Will and his sweet Momma!IMG_1953 IMG_1958 IMG_1960 

Who hasn’t taken their picture in front of the elephant butt??IMG_1962 IMG_1965 IMG_1977 

Dylan was literally having a full blown conversation with this giraffe…he was showing his passport (in his hand) and telling him about the cheetah stamp he got…this kid could talk to a wall!!!IMG_1981 

I was amazed at how close Will got to the giraffes! He is sometimes timid around things he’s not quite sure of, but you can clearly see he had no fear!

IMG_1987 IMG_1992 IMG_1997 


We had so much fun at the zoo and are so thankful for our zoo pass courtesy of Honey and Pops! Speaking of Honey she went too but somehow I don’t have any pics of her!

Monday, June 20

Father’s Day festivities

We had such a great day yesterday celebrating Dustin and what a great Dad he is! We headed to church and afterwards Dylan was PUMPED to give Dustin his card he had picked out. So excited that he had to walk outside with his eyes closed.

IMG_2033 IMG_2034 IMG_2037

(The red chairs were his actual Father’s day present) We are SO excited about them!

IMG_2040 IMG_2041 

The card was of course a Cars card, and when opened it plays music, or a “jam” as Dylan says. IMG_2043 IMG_2046 

After opening Dylan did some dancing…IMG_2048 IMG_2049 IMG_2051 

Two of my sweet boys :) The third has yet to make his appearance but soon…hopefully very soon!IMG_2052

Hey! I’m in a picture! haha I’m always the one taking them! Leaning over isn’t exactly my best angle these days!


The McCoys, just being ourselves :)


Over at my Mom’s house we made these beauties…Dustin LOVES hotdogs! I mean, LOOOOVES hotdogs and somewhere he heard about bacon wrapped hotdogs…so for father’s day we finally gave them a shot. (Yes, most Dad’s want a good steak for father’s day, not my husband…just hot dogs. Special.)IMG_2062His other favorite is green bean casserole, which he only gets once or twice a year, so I threw it in there for good measure… 



The bacon-wrapped hotdogs were surprisingly pretty good, I was skeptical…IMG_2065

Dustin, we hope that you had a fantastic father’s day and can’t wait to celebrate with BOTH of our boys next year! We love you!