Monday, October 10

This face…

Does this face look like it could take out half of our family?? Well…it can. I got sick Saturday night with the stomach virus and it lasted through Sunday, Honey, Pops, and Daddy went down today…I’m just praying it doesn’t take out any other members of the family. The two at high risk are Mimi and Dylan. Tomorrow is Mimi’s birthday, I’m praying hard that Mimi isn’t sick on her birthday (or at all for that matter) and that Dylan manages to stay well!!! But that face is cute…

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Saturday, October 8

Picture dump...

 I take so many great sweet pics of these boys on  my phone that it is a shame not to share!

Miles still LOVES to be swaddled. He sleeps much better when he is. And every time he manages to get his sweet little feet out - just like me :) When I sleep I love to be buried in the covers, except that I love for my feet to be sticking out!
 My sweet little cowboy before his Cowboy cookout at school
 Such a sweet happy boy on a Saturday morning!
 He was so excited to have me sitting in the backseat with him on the way to Fort Worth

 Testing out the new jumperoo - he LOVES this thing! I can't wait until he starts to really jump!
 Silly Daddy was so excited about the Newsies...I've never seen it, but apparently it was a very memorable movie in the lives of the McCoy boys!
 I was very excited, Mimi was able to bring Dylan to Wallace for the Wallace Wannabes playgroup. This day they went to P.E. and my homeroom class just so happen to be the class in there helping. My students were SOO excited to meet Dylan! It was also so nice to be able to see him during the school day.

Breakfast Picnic

The boys and I went for a breakfast picnic a few weeks back! Dylan knows that I don't eat McDonalds unless it is breakfast. I love their oatmeal, fruit smoothies and coffee. So one morning after he had come to snuggle with me in bed we said "You know how you like McDonalds for breakfast? We should go get some." - Funny kid. So we did exactly that.

Doesn't he looks so excited! :)
After eating he said - "Look, my shadow dances!"
My sweet boys!
More shadow dancing...
I love him to pieces

Aaaand...more shadow dancing...
We were having so much fun that he actually barely played on the playground. I love some good quality time with my two sweet boys!

Miles' Sip-N-See

The Adorable table and yummy goodies!
These ladies are the best!!
Hostess of the mostess

Yummy goodies!

Thank you SO much to these lovely ladies! I have the best (and prettiest) friends ever!!

Wednesday, October 5

Waaay behind...and waaaay late...

But I can't forget to blog about Dustin's birthday!!

Around our house we celebrate "birthday week" so Dylan and I treated him extra nice for a week and did a few little things throughout the week. One of which was scheduling a camping trip that they are going on this weekend! We celebrate birthdays a little different around here...and in Dustin's terms that means running an all out 400m. Special, I know. So we loaded up and headed to the Lake Highlands H.S. track. 
Dustin getting all warmed up!
M is pumped to see Daddy run!
 Mimi, Brandi, Kevin, and Will all came out to cheer on their crazy brother/son/uncle.

 The only 4 year who knows how to start out of "blocks" - yes he used that term!
 That weekend we went over to Fort Worth to celebrate with Justin at Joe T. Garcias!! It was amazing weather and these two knuckleheads had a great time dancing by the fountain!h

 Sweet Will!
 Will is a dipper...he will dip anything...into anything. Here he is dipping his chip into his water. To each his own ;)

 Back and Uncle J's house for presents and cake - Don't they have this "I'm really too old to be sung to anymore" look on their faces? - No, that comes next year!!

Happy Birthday Dustin and Justin we hope your birthday was fabulous! Enjoy this last year in your 20s!