Sunday, January 29

7 months!

I can't believe it but Miles is already 7 months!! How is that possible??

My sweet Miles is currently crawling like a maniac! I need some new video of him moving! He's fast, and never. ever. stops moving! He also is a master at pulling up and has started to cruise a little around the table.  He LOVES his brother more and more every day, and Dylan loves him back (except when he steals his cars), I can hardly change his diaper or clothes because he is SO wiggly!! I don't remember having to wrestle Dylan to the ground to change him until he was 18 months or so!!! The kid doesn't want to stay on his back for anything! The only way to get him to stay is if Dylan entertains him, he loves his brother. Another big milestone in the life of Mr. Miles is that he finally has a tooth, and a second is really close! He has handled teething fairly well! He gets grumpy before bed but no crazy screaming fits...he's too preoccupied with chasing Dylan! He's our sweet happy and hungry baby!! The other day his day sheet made me laugh because of the options of his behavior for the day, "happy" and "hungry" were circled. This is such an accurate depiction of him! He has started babbling "dadadada" and "talks" non-stop! I know he's a baby, but he is seriously impatient!! haha - while feeding him baby food, he starts grunting for the next bite, while he is still working on the current bite!! Seriously, that happens! :) The kid LOVES bath time! This past week he has gotten grumpy because of teething, put the boy in a tub and he is his happy self once again!

I have pictures but am tired and going to bed...I'll add those later! 

Saturday, January 21

Quick catch up!

Since Christmas we have been SO SO busy!!! Here is a quick catch up of what we've been up to!

One evening Brandi and Took invited us all to the Mavericks game! Miles' first Mavs game!
 Dylan has stopped wanting to take this was the best I got...
 Miles LOVES to eat any AND everything he can get his little slimy fingers on! This day it was the junk mail...

 And Dylan is hunting bears.
 Lots of haning out at Honey and Pop's house...again Dylan was running from me so I wouldn't take his picture.

 I'm not sure if he likes swinging or chewing on the strap more...
 Mom and I went on an impromptu trip to the zoo to use our zoo pass one last time!

 We've done lots of this on the weekends...
 I love this fuzzy headed little man!!

 Morning breakfast!

 Miles is officially pulling up! This kid NEVER EVER stops moving! Dylan didn't even start crawling until he was 8 months, Miles isn't even 7 and he is already crawling everywhere and pulling up! Clearly, he is proud of himself!

Wednesday, January 4

New ground

****NOTE: long, very long, no pictures post*****

I wish I could say this is an upbeat, funny, post - but really it is a "this sucks/I hate that Dylan is growing up" kind of post :(

As I've said  before, I am struggling with D turning 5. 5 is BIG. Kindergarten, a whole hand old, and SO much more grown up, and independent. We've been getting an unusual amount of attitude from our generally laid back little man. I know it's normal, but we just aren't used to it. (And I know this is just the beginning). With him being our first child its just so weird to know that you are embarking on very very new ground in which you have no previous experience. Dustin and I are really good at completely dependent, generally compliant, but attitude...WHOA! What do I do with that??? The first time he made himself throw up from being forced to eat something he didn't want to my first reaction was to rub his nose in it, afterall, the only thing I'd ever raised was a dog and with dogs you show them what you're mad about and then yell...DON'T CALL CPS...I DIDN'T rub my child's nose in vomit!!! However, as a parent when you know you are on something brand new you question yourself! "Am I doing this right??" and usually you have all of 5 seconds to figure it out!

Anyway.......yesterday I picked up D from school and as I was catching up with his teacher he came up to me several times in a short amount of time, almost frantic about leaving. "COME ON MOM!!" He urgently insisted we needed to leave! So, literally mid-conversation we bolted *WEIRD* So while he practically ran out of the building I tried to slow him down and out came the attitude. Even racing didn't snap him out it, which has always worked before! So we get in the car and he proceeds to get annoyed with the seat belt - again, *WEIRD*. So I try to help and he gets snappy with me *what is with my child??* I threaten time-out when we get home, but he still doesn't want me to help. Finally...
     - I ask "Dylan, is something wrong?"
     - Dylan, "No!"
     - Me "Are you sure? Did something happen at school today?"
     - Dylan - "I'M JUST SO TIRED OF "F" (omitted name), HE WON'T LEAVE ME ALONE AND KEEPS HITTING ME!!!!!" (all-the-while he is now crying) 

     - Me - stunned.....

I proceeded to apologize for his bad day, get out and climb in the backseat to comfort him - really I wanted to cry and go beat up little 5 year old "F." Now, this is NOT the first I've heard of this particular little darling, almost every day there is mention of him being mean to someone...and I know other Mom's have made mention of him...but...

New Ground. Heart. Breaking. Ground.

I'm a teacher, I get paid to deal with little terds all. day. long. (sounds worse than it really is, I love my job) However, I've dealt with my fair share of kids picking on one-another and all out bullying, but none of them were mine. 

We talked about it in the parking lot of the school, I shed a secret tear once seated comfortably out of sight, go to pick up Miles, and then I call another parent in his class (also a teacher at my school) to get a second opinion. 

New Ground

Short story long...we talk about it as a family and I call his teacher just to make her aware, but has set in that we are on new ground. Brand. New. REEEAAALLLY shaky Ground. UGH!

Really, this is a blog for me, to vent, and express how incredibly hard it is to see and watch your child hurt. To teach him everything you know, while not knowing if you're teaching him the right thing. Where is the child raising manual?? We've done some role-playing, made his teachers aware, and today he apparently stood up to his classmate (he was kind of mean about it, but its a start), Dylan is a bit of a push-over and can be really sensitive, but where do you draw the line between telling the teacher what is going on and taking up for yourself?? Again...They forgot to give me my child raising manual at the hospital...

Did I mention he's FIVE! OHEMGEE...he isn't even in Kindergarten and I already feel overwhelmed. So, to those of you with kids enjoy those oh so very sweet years in which you can guard them from meanness. At some point, and in a split second, a very mundane Tuesday afternoon, you WILL find yourself on very very new and unstable ground. 

If you're still reading, thanks. I needed that :)

Sunday, January 1

Christmas Eve with the Sniders

This year we spent Christmas Eve with my side of the family. Dylan and Lance were antsy and couldn't hardly wait to open presents so we opened them pretty early before heading to the candle light service at my parent's church.

Dylan was not in the mood to take any more pictures!

 He is adorable, drool and all.

 Dylan helped Miles open his presents...
 And Miles ate the paper...

 Honey and Pops got Miles a SWEET wagon!!

 Honey and Pops got Dylan a new fishing pole!

 Fits Lance PERFECTLY!

 I got new red Toms!
We were shocked to get our new camera lens (this picture was taken with the new lens, Dad insisted that Mom wrap the box!) haha
 Everyone got a new ice scrapper/ice brush! Wahoooo!

 Mom and her burlap Toms from Erin, Darrin, and the kiddos!

We were at my parents house really late and Dylan was dragging because he was so excited about his new Wii Cars 2 game, but we talked to Darrin and Erin and they said that Santa had already been to the Dominican, I've never seen his face so serious and his little body move so fast! We were out the door in a flash! We wrote our letter, left out the cookies and milk and he was in bed!