Wednesday, August 1

4th of July!

Last year I was still physically getting over having Miles and he was about a week old so we did not make it to the Lake Highlands 4th of July parade so this year we were excited to be able to make it! We met Kevin, Will, and Kevin's sister Kasey about a mile down the road by the high school. Even though it was early it was already hot! I always love doing things in Lake Highlands like this, it always makes me feel like we live in a small community in the middle of this huge city!
 This is the same onsie that Dylan wore on his first 4th of July :)

 Will and Kayse waiting for the parade to start!
 These two were not up for posing for pictures so I just took them anyway...

 Well maybe it was just Dylan, because Will sure was being cute!

 Dustin had just cycled like 20+ miles so he was extra hot!

 Their favorite part of the parade is the mad dash for candy!
  By the end Miles was hot and tired!
Later in the day we headed over to hang out and swim at my Mom's

 We were soaking up as much time as possible with these two! They are now in Norway :(


 An after swim dance off! Miles has some serious moves!!

 Will was so cute! He has become quite the little fish this summer! He was jumping off the side and LOVED the slide!

 So fun!
 I can not get over how brave this little guy is!

 We ate some dinner and then headed over to watch the fireworks over at the DAC! Fun times!

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  1. Looks like a fun 4th! The picture of Dylan with the balloon in front of his face cracks me up! ha ha