Wednesday, August 1

Kendall Elizabeth makes her arrival!!

We finally have a girl on the Tooker/McCoy side of the family!! We love our boys but we are all super excited to welcome a girl! On July 9th weighing in at 7lbs. 3oz. she seemed so tiny! I had to wait until my Mom could come over to man the Miles man (he is not old enough to take to a hospital) but I got there shortly after they allowed visitors in!

 Big brother Will was so excited!
They were in the most perfect room! Right outside was this great open space for Will and Dylan to be able to roam free!
 First time seeing Daddy :)))
 Seeing sister for the first time, he was so excited!! The sweetest thing!!!!

 Is that not the biggest smile you've ever seen!!!
We stood and watched sweet Kendall get her first bath! I've never watched them do this (normally I'm the one that just had the baby, or I get there too late)...crazy! She screamed while they do it and the nurses are just cool as a cucumber!

 Another sweet one of Kevin and Will
 Her stats...
 It is really a GIRL!

Everyone is so exited about spoiling this baby GIRL! Something tells me she will always be dressed to kill!!

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