Tuesday, May 1

Where do I even begin...

Clearly I've taken an un-announced blog vacation. I'm not totally sure how it happened but this spring has been CrAzY busy!! I also would like to publicly blame Pinterest. Instead of spending my time blogging I'm pinning :) But I'm making a vow to get back on the wagon! I know one day I'll be REALLY sad that I took this time off because there have been some amazing things happen!!


- Miles is now WALKING! I know you're thinking.."did he crawl?" - yes, he did that too, but it seemed like such a short phase! He crawled and cut his 1st two teeth in the same week (right at 6 months). and then around 8 1/2 month he began serious cruising and then walking! Now at 10 months he is a full time walker! He is also waving and clapping like a champ and ADORES his brother! The kid is a chow-hound! I promise on many occasions he eats his brother under the table!!! He is also a FABULOUS sleeper!!!

- Dylan just had his first t-ball game ever (YES, I will make this its own blog too) but it was awesome! I got a little teary-eyed when he got all suited up for the first time :( He is such a big boy these days I'm not dealing well. We are also all signed up for kindergarten and I'm going to need some good "calming" meds to get through that first day, I was also teary-eyed while filling out those dumb forms. He finished his 4th season of soccer and is getting to be quite the player! He loves to run (he has those genes for sure!) and so what he lacks in skills he makes up for in the running category! He is now riding his bike without training wheels and is getting quite good, however, I see some skinned knees and elbows in the near future!

- I turned another year older in March - wooo hooooo :) and we've been busy celebrating my very best friend, Katy's impending marriage to a wonderful man! We had a shower for her at my Mom and Dad's and then last weekend her bachelorette party!

- Darrin, Erin, Reagan, and Grayson were here over Easter and it was wonderful having them around!!! Oh how we miss seeing them on a regular basis, but since we don't we try very hard to spend as much time together when they are here and that makes for some great memories made!! I have WAY too many cute pictures from this, will have to wait for another post!
- Shout out to my little bro. Lance who is now in Huntsville selling insurance for State Farm, we are sad he isn't around as much but are proud of him for pursuing what he wants to really be doing!
- Brandi and Kevin are officially having a GIRL!!! Kendall Elizabeth with be here sometime early July or late June and we are SOOO EXCITED TO FINALLY HAVE SOME MORE ESTROGEN IN THE FAM!!
- As for Dustin, well...he's busy being awesome and that exhausting. :)
- We've started going to a new church and have met some great new friends that keep us busy and entertained!! Two of the great couples live within walking distance so I feel that for the first time in our married lives we have friends that are "ours" and I think every married couple knows how exciting that is!